Beijing’s Art Season Explodes in 798 With Over 90 Exhibitions

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Beijing, June 06, 2024 — The annual Beijing Art Season has enveloped the city in an artistic fervor, propelling it to its zenith as an art destination. A flurry of art exhibitions and cultural events mark this period from May to June. The 798 Art District, the epicenter of Beijing’s art scene, is teeming with approximately 90 exhibitions, showcasing a dazzling array of artistic expressions.

Installation view of “Sparking”, 798 artworks

Installation view of “Sparking”, 798 artworks

The official unveiling of 798 artworks, the inaugural cultural and creative space under the auspices of the 798 Art District, signifies a pivotal moment in the art season. The space debuts with “Sparking,” an exhibition featuring the works of renowned international artist Wang Guangle, including a limited-edition collection of “Red Phosphorus” artworks. 798 artworks aspires to forge collaborations with prestigious art institutions and visionary creators worldwide to ignite creative energies and bridge infinite possibilities.

The billboard of Gallery Weekend Beijing in 798

The billboard of Gallery Weekend Beijing in 798

The 8th Gallery Weekend Beijing, commencing on May 24th and continuing through August, has chosen “Drift to Return” as its theme, highlighting the harmonious interplay between local art and international influences. The weekend comprises a Main Sector showcasing local galleries and institutions, a Visiting Sector, and “The Inner Side of the Wind,” an Up & Coming Sector that explores how emerging Chinese artists interpret and express the intersection of global culture and China’s local identity, showcasing the vibrancy and distinct characteristics of the art scene. Furthermore, the “Poetry Marathon,” co-curated by international artist Qiu Zhijie and Gallery Weekend Beijing, runs concurrent with the 2024 Paris Olympics, delving into the shared humanistic values of sports, culture, and art within the Olympic ethos.

Installation view of "Elliptical Dipole: Visceral Particles Sorcerous Flows", 798 CUBE

Installation view of “Elliptical Dipole: Visceral Particles Sorcerous Flows”, 798 CUBE

Simultaneously, 798CUBE presents “Elliptical Dipole: Visceral Particles Sorcerous Flows,” the first comprehensive solo exhibition in China and the most extensive to date of international artist Yunchul Kim. This immersive exposition unveils Kim’s artistic vision of the universe, life, and culture. Visitors are invited to delve into the fusion of technology and art, engaging with the artist’s imaginative material world and resonating with the boundless cosmos.

The confluence of exceptional exhibitions makes 798 an unmissable destination for art enthusiasts in June. Close to 2,000,000 visitors have already immersed themselves in its artistic offerings during their summer vacations.

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