BOSS Zhipin, China’s Largest Online Recruitment Platform, Opens Nasdaq Trading

June 18, 2024 by No Comments

BEIJING, June 17, 2024 — Kanzhun Limited (Nasdaq: BZ), which operates China’s largest online recruitment platform BOSS Zhipin*, visited the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square.

Founded in 2014, BOSS Zhipin is a pioneer in introducing a next-generation Direct Recruitment Model which is transforming China’s online recruitment industry. The mobile-native product promotes instant direct communication between recruiters and job seekers, delivers accurate matching results through its proprietary recommendation algorithms powered by big data insights.

Benefiting from the unique business model and strong technology capability, BOSS Zhipin connects job seekers and enterprise users in an efficient and seamless manner, creating a vibrant platform covering full-spectrum of jobseekers (white and gold collar, blue collar and college students) and all kinds of enterprise users (including Bosses and recruiting professionals) from various industries within different size of enterprises. The large and diverse user scale develops a powerful double-sided network, which leads to BOSS Zhipin’s rapid expansion.

In honor of the occasion, Mr. Jonathan Peng Zhao, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, rang the Opening Bell, and gave a speech,

“Dear Nasdaq host, dear guests, colleagues, and investors, good morning. It is my great honor to join in this milestone event and share this moment with you.

I am an entrepreneur. On December 2nd, 2013, in a residential apartment in Beijing, we started the journey of BOSS Zhipin. From the very beginning, we built up our vision as ‘Serve Human Development with Science and Technology’.

Ten years have passed very quickly. We have grown into China’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment platform. In the first quarter of 2024, our app reached peak monthly active users of over 60 million. Our company now has about 5,000 people.

Many people in this world need to work to gain income and a sense of achievement, to find friendship and a sense of belonging, and to strive for happiness for themselves and their families. At this moment, we are rather proud, that with few people as us, have been able to provide services to so many people, on such an important matter.

Following in the footsteps of great companies, is every entrepreneur’s instinct. Especially since the 20th century, many significant and positive changes in human society have come from the hands of those great companies. With the ongoing technology revolutions, such phenomena are increasingly common and visible around us. I believe that great companies often share certain similarities. They are the result of good cooperation among firm entrepreneurs, well-trained professional managers, smart scientists and technology workers, as well as the high-quality capital market.

There are many great companies that have chosen to list on Nasdaq. They leverage the world’s best stock market and partner with best investors to drive their growth, and in return share their financial rewards and honors. We are very pleased that three years ago, BOSS Zhipin became a part of Nasdaq.

This year is our third anniversary since being listed. Due to the Covid, we were unable to make it here to ring the bell. However, over the past three years, we have held ourselves to the standards of an outstanding public company every day.

Thank you, Nasdaq, and best wishes to every entrepreneur all over the world who has a dream.”

*In terms of average MAU and online recruitment revenue, according to CIC.

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About Company: KANZHUN LIMITED operates the leading online recruitment platform BOSS Zhipin in China. The Company connects job seekers and enterprise users through its highly interactive mobile app, a transformative product that promotes two-way communication, focuses on intelligent recommendations, and creates new scenarios in the online recruiting process. The innovative model delivers high recruitment efficiency and drives rapid expansion, which results in full-spectrum of user coverage and strong network effect. To learn more about KANZHUN LIMITED, please visit us on .