Club Med Joyview Opens First Resort in Southwest China

July 11, 2024 by No Comments

China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort

MEISHAN, China, July 10, 2024 — In the birthplace of literary giant Su Dongpo in Meishan City, Sichuan Province, a new era of tourism and vacation is about to begin. A major new addition has joined the China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort – the brand-new Club Med Heilongtan Resort officially opened on July 11, offering visitors an unprecedented blend of French romance and the culture of western Sichuan.

The Heilongtan Resort is just an hour’s drive from Chengdu. It’s not only a leisure destination near the “bright moon night, short pine hill” described by Su Dongpo, but also a new landmark for visitors to experience French romance and the charm of western Sichuan.

As the first resort in the Club Med Joyview product line in Southwest China, Heilongtan Resort upholds Club Med’s concept of “exquisite, one-price, all-inclusive” vacations while offering a variety of flexible vacation options, providing guests with exceptional short-distance vacation experiences. The resort covers an area of approximately 106 mu, with a total construction area of about 57,000 square meters, featuring 350 meticulously designed rooms, each incorporating rich elements of western Sichuan culture for a unique living experience.

The resort boasts comprehensive facilities including conference and banquet areas, indoor and outdoor pools, Chinese and Western restaurants, a children’s club, spa area, theater, and bar, providing guests with a one-stop leisure vacation experience. Particularly noteworthy is the nearly thousand square meters children’s club, which combines sports, games, and performances, focusing on nurturing children’s creativity, courage, confidence, and three other soft skills, allowing children to learn through play.

Heilongtan Resort emphasizes providing entertainment experiences for guests of all ages. In addition to the children’s club, there are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for guests of different age groups to participate in. The international Happy Butler G.O team ensures that guests receive thoughtful and attentive service to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable vacation here.

Beyond the resort’s offerings, guests can also explore other exciting projects within the China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort. Creative tourist projects such as the Train Laisi Theme Park, the Shili Qianmo Agricultural and Cultural Tourism Project, and the Sports Park offer guests more diverse vacation choices. Guests can also visit the nearby Heilongtan Scenic Area to experience the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, enjoy local cuisine, and explore the long-standing cultural heritage of Su Dongpo.

Throughout the planning and development of the China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort, a strong emphasis has been placed on environmental protection. Leveraging the natural resources of Heilongtan Scenic Area, the resort has been scientifically planned and developed while ensuring the protection of the ecological environment, ensuring that guests can enjoy the fun of tourism while also experiencing the ecological value of green waters and beautiful mountains.

The opening of Heilongtan Resort will bring new tourism highlights to Meishan, the hometown of Su Dongpo, and provide a new vacation experience for visitors. Here, visitors can enjoy the exquisite and romantic French lifestyle, experience the unique charm of western Sichuan culture, and have an unforgettable vacation. This also signifies that the China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort is moving towards the goal of becoming a large-scale international comprehensive tourism resort with international influence.

Source: China Railway Heilongtan International Tourism Resort

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