Coinstore public chain forum “Finding future opportunities” concludes successfully

April 22, 2024 by No Comments

Singapore, April 22, 2024 — Global top crypto asset platform, Coinstore, held a new public chain forum called “Finding the Future Alpha – Will Solana lead the next boom?” in Dubai on April 19. The forum was jointly hosted by Jsquare, a research and tech-driven investment firm. It partnered with famous institutions including CGV Capital, Rocktree Capital, ABCDE Capital, Inception, Nano Labs, Mindfulness Capital, and Waterdrip Capital to discuss the development and opportunities of public chains and contribute to the industry development. Established in 2020, within the span of three years, Coinstore has served over 700 project teams and covered over 7 millions users. After continuously evolving and expanding, Coinstore has established a strong presence in emerging markets, with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria at its core.

Before the forum, Coinstore has rich experience in holding events, and has actively published Cryptalk and CS Connect events. To date, Coinstore held more than 30 Cryptalk, nearly 40 CS Connect and 22 Expo conferences. The events build bridges between inside and outside the industry. It attracted active participation around the world and received a warm welcome.

The collision of industry leading minds Manfred, associate director of Coinstore, announced the establishment of CS Lab to drive the creation of more innovative projects, enriching the ecosystem quality and user engagement. Coinstore will strengthen global partnerships and deeply participate in project incubation. Meanwhile, Coinstore will launch IEO2.0 product and traffic ambassador program to enhance brand influence and competitiveness.

Matthias Ang, VP, of SSV Network shared the development of SSV.SSV is the head project of the decentralized node verification protocol. The core concept of SSV is to fragment the verifier’s private key and give it to multiple operators, which is equivalent to the logic of multi-signature. After continuous discussion and development, SSV was extended and upgraded to DVT, so SSV is the predecessor of DVT.

Rohan JT, CMO from Roam introduced Roam is a decentralized wifi roaming network, which uses crypto-incentives to coordinate the buildout and operation of a single WiFi network around the world.By using Roam,people can seamless and automated connect between wifi networks,enjoy enterprise grade security,navigate among world’s largest WiFi roaming alliance with 3+ million nodes and support by the major global Telcos.

Followed by Kousei, CEO of Start Lands, introduced that Start Lands is committed to exploring Web3 opportunities to provide the Japanese community, partners, and supporters with a path to a bright future for Web3. Realverse is another concept they created, which is a combination of realism and metaverse. Realverse invites players to buy real world items and connect within a metaverse with boundless possibilities.

In the first panel discussion, JT Law ,Partner of IVC,Omer Ozden (Chairman) – Rocktree Capital,James Wo, Co founder of DFG discussed how VCs found the next alpha unicorn. James believed the approval of ETFs helped a lot of people who didn’t have an CEX account to enter the crypto world.Besides, more and more applications on board more people.This cycle of bull market will be longer than last cycle.Omer thought the price of BTC would be higher than gold. The regulation development helped to create more possibilities,whereas, the last cycle only had ICO with narrow narratives.

During the forum, Jack Kong, the Founder of Nano Labs showed extreme optimism regarding the crypto industry development.He considered the compliance sector, BTC ecosystem, RWA,Depin,Meme, AI would be the major trends in this bull market. Speaking of the trigger for this bull market, Jack believed besides the factor above,ETFs bring in billions of compliant funds,reduction of the interest rate and the next generation of native users would all be the driving forces.

In the second panel discussion, Dora Jiang ,Head of BD from Conflux and Kevin Shao,Founder of Bitrise Capital expressed their opinions about infrastructure development.Dora agreed that Depin would bring the most important impacts on infrastructure. By allowing individuals and small businesses to participate in the deployment and operation of infrastructure networks, DePIN enables more equitable access to essential services and resources.

Coinstore will provide long-term support to the industry development For a long time, Coinstore has been focusing on supporting various public chains and their ecosystems. Coinstore listed Solana(), BSC (), XRP(), Cardano (), and Avalanche (AVAX/USDT) in the early beginning.Among them, SOL yields an astounding 10.68x ATH (All-Time High) investment return,ADA yields an astounding 1.71x ATH investment return,AVAX yields an astounding 1.32x ATH investment return.

Far more than this, Coistore is committed to regulated development in the long term.“Compliance and regulation” is the business foundation of Coinstore. Coinstore got MSB license in the US and Digital Asset Prop Trading license in Dubai. Meanwhile,Coinstore has built operations with local regulatory authorities in major target markets to help them understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,and build relevant regulatory frameworks.

This public chain forum will become a benchmark forum. Coinstore will hold more forums and events in the future to promote the collision of technology, capital, and new ideas, and bring innovation to the crypto industry.

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