Crypto Trading Platform Cryfi Releases Alpha Version, Founder Pass NFT Collection Launching in May

April 11, 2024 by No Comments

Cryfi, a marketplace and trading platform, offers blockchain-verified trading signals and a leaderboard of top signal providers, along with paid signal channels for subscribers. The first version of the app has been released and a Founder Pass NFT collection is launching May 3. SINGAPORE, April 11, 2024 — , a blockchain-verified trading signal platform, has released its Alpha version as a Telegram Mini App that goes beyond basic copy-trading to make it easier to not only share but adjust and implement trading signals. Cryfi’s Founder Pass NFT collection that grants users numerous perks on the platform will also be made available for early Cryfi supporters on May 3rd. The full-featured web-app launches later this year with the world’s first blockchain-verified trading signals and leaderboard. “We’re developing Cryfi’s on-chain verification to bring trust and transparency to crypto trading and remove the scam-traders that the space has become famous for,” said Cryfi founder and CEO . “As we enter crypto’s next bull run, more and more people are keen to start trading. There is no better way to learn how than to follow and listen to the best traders on the market today. However, since it’s currently impossible to verify someone’s trading skills, too many people end up following fakers who claim to be pros.” Cryfi addresses these problems and more.Providing Proof-of-Signal, Cryfi’s trading signal platform features blockchain-verified signals and a leaderboard of top signal providers. Offering the perfect combination of control and automation, Cryfi users will be able to easily copy and adjust signals and then automatically implement these signals on CEXs and DEXs via API integration.Trading channel subscriptions, member management and promotions will be automatically handled for signal providers, so they can focus on trading and building their reputations. Meanwhile, traders can learn all the best trading strategies together via trading courses and a closed discussion group with top-performing signal providers on the platform. “Cryfi will be like a passport — a blockchain-verified certificate that showcases your trading capabilities. In addition, Cryfi will offer plenty of other features to help traders and signal providers trade more quickly and efficiently.” Available now, that allows signal providers more efficiently share their signals in their own existing communities, with automatic integration with Binance via API. The full-featured web-app platform is scheduled for launch in Q3 2024, with scheduled to launch in early 2025. The whitelist for their Founder Pass NFTs is already open, with an official ongoing until May 3rd with USD 6,000 worth of NFTs to give away. Stay tuned to their social media channels for the launchpad reveals. Founder Pass NFTs Available May 3: Numerous Perks for Early Supporters The Founder Pass is a limited edition collection of 430 utility NFTs that give early supporters many distinct benefits on the Cryfi platform — such as a membership in a closed group with pro traders and lifetime subscriptions to trading courses and Cryfi Pro, which will allow traders to copy and adjust signals and technical analysis on the live chart. There are two tiers of NFTs: the Shark Pass, which caters to novice traders, and the Whale Pass, which grants additional perks such as profit sharing, larger discounts and forever access to signal channels to Cryfi’s top ambassadors. Both tiers have plenty of other perks, too. See the official Cryfi Medium blog for more information about all . Founder Pass NFT Details Shark Pass: $300 each, 404 NFTs in totalWhale Pass: $3000 each, 26 NFTs in total To earn a spot on the Founder Pass whitelist prior to the NFT launch, supporters should visit the Galxe campaign page linked below and complete the social tasks listed there. The top 50 participants will earn a guaranteed chance to purchase Founder Pass NFTs. All participants will also receive a free Early Supporter badge and be entered into raffles, with prizes coming from a pool of NFTs worth USD 6,000. Participate in the Galxe campaign here: Top Partners to Bring Further Value to the Cryfi Platform Cryfi is also forging a number of important partnerships that will bring new features to the platform. One key partner is , a company which is developing a suite of multi-chain protocols. Analog’s interoperability technology will help Cryfi query other blockchains to seamlessly compare signal prices with real prices, and trade signals across chains without having to deal with smart contracts. “One of our visions is to help move traders from Web2 to Web3. While most people are familiar with the big names in the crypto space — Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum and so forth — a lot of traders are not actually Web3 users. We want to change that,” Mizin said. “Lucky for us, Analog has all the tools we need to achieve this.” Other partnerships will add new capabilities to the Cryfi platform post-launch. will bring their on-chain traders to Cryfi as signal providers, will bring crypto payments for channel subscriptions, and the quant trading platform will onboard Cryfi’s signal providers as additional analytics sources. Further big features coming up include copytrading, algorithm trading, trading bots and AI bots. Cryfi’s team of experts boasts more than 50 years experience in product development, 30 years in blockchain, and 10 years in trading combined. Team members have worked with a number of leading brands, including Equifax, HTX and other fintech leaders in the Web2 and Web3 spaces. See how Cryfi works in this video: Cryfi is More Than Just Another Trading Platform — It’s a Trading Community By providing a fair and transparent social space where traders and signal providers can share ideas, Cryfi is building a real community of people with similar goals. Anyone can submit trading signals on Cryfi — their blockchain-verified track record will speak for itself on Cryfi’s leaderboard. This removes a huge barrier of entry for new signal providers, while ensuring Cryfi is represented by some of the best traders on the market. Supporters who join early will enjoy the benefit of utilizing the first blockchain-verified trading signals on the market, giving them increased trust in the validity of their trading strategies that most other trading communities cannot offer. Founder Pass NFT holders will also be the first to try out all new features Cryfi adds to its platform, giving them a distinct advantage when compared to members who join the platform later on. About CryfiLaunched in 2024, is a crypto trading app that connects traders with blockchain-verified signal providers. The newly released MVP is available as a Telegram Mini App that allows for easy creation and implementation of trading signals. A future version is being developed that will include a mobile app, signal channel subscriptions, a leaderboard for top-performing signal providers, API integration with more centralized exchanges and DEXs, a trading school, and more. 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