Hippocrat’s Decentralized Identity Technology Enables Secure Health Data Management for SALUS CARE Corp.

June 10, 2024 by No Comments

SEOUL, KOREA, June 10, 2024 — Hippocrat (HPO), a blockchain project in the healthcare sector, is collaborating with SALUS CARE Corp., a company that provides prognosis service for 1.4 million employees who undergo annual corporate health checkups in Korea.

The collaboration, first announced in March, aims to secure health assessment data for individuals.

As part of this partnership, Hippocrat has successfully integrated its proprietary decentralized identity verification technology, HPO DID, into SALUS CARE Corp.’s system.

Hippocrat’s personal data consent management system, which uses their DID technology, leverages blockchain to prevent unauthorized access and leakage of personal data without user consent.

SALUS CARE Corp.’s health management platform ‘Vitaport’ currently provides more than 20 prognosis solutions to health checkup recipients. With the integration of Hippocrat’s DID technology, over 1.4 million individuals who receive health checkup results will now be able to securely store and manage their health data.

Both companies share the goal of expanding the use of health data to improve the well-being of health checkup recipients. They plan to continue collaborating with medical and research institutions, as well as pharmaceutical companies, to promote personalized healthcare solutions.

Hippocrat stated, “This cooperation will generate the largest number of DIDs since the introduction of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector. We aim to create a global health data ecosystem through additional partnerships with international institutions, beyond Korea.”

Significantly, the Hippocrat project is utilizing the Solana infrastructure, the fifth-largest blockchain project globally, with a market capitalization of approximately 77 billion USD.

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