Nanshan District in Shenzhen Strengthens China-France Cultural Cooperation

June 25, 2024 by No Comments

SHENZHEN, China, June 24, 2024 — A delegation from Nanshan District Government of Shenzhen traveled to France on June 17 and 18, engaging with institutions like Ateliers Jean Nouvel and ISAL Paris. The delegation organized a fashion and creativity symposium in Paris, showcasing the shared cultural values and exchange between China and France.

Cultural exchanges serve as a cornerstone and driving force in China-France relations. Nanshan, renowned for its vibrant culture, openness, and pioneering spirit in reform and opening up, presents a rich cultural landscape and unique urban identity.

Connecting across geographical boundaries, Nanshan and France, a cultural powerhouse, are forging connections. Nanshan’s Shekou district is home to the under-construction Shenzhen Opera House, designed by the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. Dubbed the “No. 1 cultural venue in Shenzhen’s new era,” the opera house is strategically situated in Dongjiaotou.

During a dialogue with the Nanshan delegation, Jean Nouvel highlighted Shenzhen as a leader in China’s reform and opening up. He emphasized the harmonious integration of the opera house with the surrounding landscape, envisioning it as a radiant landmark in China. The Ateliers expressed their commitment to continued collaboration with Nanshan on the Shekou Bay Art Zone project, facilitating the introduction of French opera and performances to Shenzhen.

On June 17, the Shenzhen (Nanshan), China, and Paris, France, fashion and creativity symposium took place at the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. Representatives from government, academia, and businesses from both sides engaged in discussions on culture, tourism, healthcare, science and technology, and education, exploring opportunities for cooperation in tourism management, exhibitions, performances, insurance, wine, fashion, bags, and other industries.

At the symposium, the Nanshan District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports signed an agreement with ISAL Paris. The relevant ISAL Paris director announced plans to establish an instructional station in Nanshan and initiate tailored partnerships with the district to support its graduates’ entrepreneurial endeavors in Shenzhen.

In July of last year, a video featuring “Chinese Red” dancing on the streets of Paris gained widespread attention on social media. The video, featuring a Chinese dancer in a horse-faced skirt performing to the music of a Zheng (a traditional Chinese string instrument) under the Eiffel Tower, captivated audiences in both China and France. It is part of a short video series, “Dancing Across Borders and Through Time,” created by SRX Internet Culture and Media from Nanshan. Nanshan is home to numerous cultural companies like SRX, who are promoting “Chinese aesthetics” globally through movies, TV shows, games, and other cultural products.

Cultural and artistic exchanges and collaborations are integral to the relationship between China and France, fostering people-to-people connections and mutual understanding of each other’s cultures. Nanshan, a district brimming with creativity, dynamism, vitality, and charm, is driving mutual understanding and trust between Shenzhen and Paris, while also stimulating cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between China and France.

Source: Nanshan District Government of Shenzhen

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