Smart Technology Drives Rural Growth in Tongzhou, Nantong

June 28, 2024 by No Comments

NANTONG, China, June 28, 2024 —

The Tongzhou Demonstration Smart Farm Agriculture Base in Tongzhou, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, recently celebrated a bountiful harvest. Equipped with a complete suite of IoT sensors and high-definition monitoring equipment, the base is producing a range of fruits, including watermelons, specialty tomatoes from Jinsha Tomato Town, and golden melons from Dongshe. These fruits are being harvested and sent to market in a steady stream.

Visitors to the smart agriculture base will encounter newly built multi-span intelligent greenhouses, intelligent irrigation systems that integrate water and fertilizer, and a variety of small automated agricultural machines designed for greenhouse planting. According to experts at the Tongzhou Demonstration Smart Farm, the watermelons grown here utilize soilless cultivation methods, employing coconut coir as the growing medium to meticulously control the growth process. The cherry tomato varieties cultivated in the natural light area originate from France and the Netherlands, boasting a yield of about 20 kilograms per square meter, resulting in an annual production of approximately 125,000 kilograms.

Tongzhou, a prominent agricultural district in Nantong, is also designated as a national grain production functional area and a vital agricultural product supply area within China. The district has established a ten-thousand-mu demonstration smart farm, equipped with fully intelligent machinery for every stage of farming, along with a complete set of IoT sensing devices and high-definition monitoring equipment. By constructing a comprehensive system platform, the smart farm has achieved intelligent upgrades, information integration, and digital management.

Source: Tongzhou Demonstration Smart Farm

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