YANSEN unveils 2.5 inch enterprise SSD designed for in-vehicle storage

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

SHENZHEN, China, April 12, 2024 — At Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, the industrial grade storage brand KingSpec (also known as YANSEN) showcased its 2.5” SSD specialized for in-vehicle storage solutions. Embedded World serves as a global platform bringing together industry-leading companies, technologies, and experts. At this exhibition, YANSEN demonstrated a solution specifically designed for the in vehicle, rail transit and surveillance industries. With the rapid growth of electric vehicles and intelligent connected cars, the demand for reliable, high-capacity in-vehicle data storage is increasing. Secure storage solutions are becoming more essential. YANSEN’s 2.5” in-vehicle SSD is engineered specifically for challenging transportation applications. Withstanding Harsh EnvironmentsRail transit operations face challenging conditions, requiring storage hardware capable of enduring wide temperature ranges, vibrations, and humidity. The 2.5” in-vehicle SSD has undergone rigorous testing beyond industry standards, with an operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C and a MTBF exceeding 2 million hours. The product features conformal coating and underfill dispensing design to ensure data integrity even in extreme environments. Robust Protection Against Data LossDuring vehicle operation, issues like voltage fluctuations and unexpected power losses can occur, posing risks of data loss for traditional storage devices. YANSEN’s 2.5” in-vehicle SSD supports firmware-level power loss protection (PLP), backing up and restoring the latest data to prevent firmware and data corruption effectively. Moreover, the 2.5” in-vehicle SSD employs a TLC direct writing algorithm, optimizing Flash management strategies to maintain consistent write speed and resolve potential frame drops during extended high-density data storage, ensuring complete video data integrity. Comprehensive Storage SolutionsAs automotive intelligence advances, in-vehicle storage requirements for capacity and reliability continue to increase. YANSEN has a comprehensive lineup, offering different product portfolios to meet diverse storage needs across different scenarios. Its product portfolio is already widely adopted in applications like passenger transport, logistics freight, law enforcement vehicles, high-speed rail, and other mobile transportation vehicles.