Four Men Arrested for Trespassing at UK Prime Minister’s Home

June 26, 2024 by No Comments

Four men from various parts of the UK were arrested on Tuesday after allegedly trespassing on the grounds of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s home in North Yorkshire.

The North Yorkshire Police stated that officers apprehended the four men “within one minute of them entering the grounds” of Kirby Sigston Manor, located east of Northallerton and roughly four hours north of London.

The men were apprehended at approximately 12:40 p.m., escorted off the property, and arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

Police identified the men as a 52-year-old from London, a 43-year-old from Bolton, a 21-year-old from Manchester, and a 20-year-old from Chichester.

All four men remain in police custody for questioning, and the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Sunak assumed office on October 25, 2022, succeeding the historically brief tenure of Liz Truss, who departed Downing Street after only 44 days in power, and the tumultuous and chaotic tenure of Boris Johnson. 

The protest group, Youth Demand, released a video on social media depicting a young man entering a lake on the prime minister’s property and defecating.

The group declared that the leftover matter was “a parting gift” to the prime minister and his political party, the Tories.

Youth Demand stated in a press release that “Sunak and his colleagues” do not represent them, adding that the political system in the U.K. is “in the toilet.”

Sunak condemned the group earlier this year after it harassed Labor leader Keir Starmer, according to the publication, Your Local Guardian.

This is not the first instance of protesters targeting Sunak.

Last August, Greenpeace climate activists covered Sunak’s home in black cloth to protest his oil policy.

‘ Michael Lee contributed to this report.