Kremlin: Russia Open to Dialogue with US, But Talks Must Be Comprehensive and Include Ukraine

June 22, 2024 by No Comments

Russia emphasizes the necessity of comprehensive security talks with the United States, explicitly including Ukraine as a topic of discussion. The Kremlin insists on a holistic approach to addressing the “accumulated problems,” stating that isolated segments cannot be addressed in isolation.

“It is impossible to rip out any individual segments from the general complex of accumulated problems, and we will not do this,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked if Moscow was ready to .

“So we are open to dialogue, but to a broad comprehensive dialogue that covers all dimensions, including the current dimension related to the conflict around Ukraine, related to the direct involvement of the USA in this conflict,” Peskov told reporters.

The United States refutes Russia’s claim of direct involvement in the conflict, stating that arming Ukraine does not constitute active participation in a war aimed at Russia’s strategic defeat. The U.S. insists that negotiations concerning the war are a matter for Ukraine to decide.

While Russia’s stance remains consistent, Peskov notes a growing list of topics requiring discussion between Russia and the United States.

“Overall, this dialogue is very much required,” Peskov said. “It is needed because problems are piling up, and there are a lot of problems associated with the global security architecture.”

From Washington’s perspective, it is Putin, in the third year of the Ukraine war, who is expanding the list of security concerns.

This week he visited nuclear-armed North Korea, with its leader Kim Jong Un and said he might supply Russian weapons to North Korea in response to the Western arming of Ukraine.

Putin also reiterated on Thursday that he was considering reviewing Russia’s doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. The last remaining arms control treaty that limits the number of strategic nuclear warheads that Russia and the United States can deploy is due to expire in 2026.