Man Dies from Electrocution in Resort Jacuzzi

June 13, 2024 by No Comments

A man from El Paso, Texas, vacationing at a private resort in has died after being electrocuted in a jacuzzi on Tuesday, according to reports.

A local NBC station in reported that the Mexican State of Sonora General Prosecutor’s Office said the man, identified only as 43-year-old Jorge N., and another person, Lizeth, N., were in a jacuzzi at the Sonoran Sea Resort just after 10 p.m.

The prosecutor’s office stated that a possible wiring failure may have caused Jorge to be electrocuted, while Lizeth reportedly sustained life-threatening injuries.

Lizeth was transported to a nearby hospital where she was reportedly diagnosed with burns consistent with electric shock.

She was then transferred back to the U.S., where she was listed in critical condition, the general prosecutor’s office said.

During the investigation, investigators interviewed a person familiar with Jorge and Lizeth, who stated she witnessed the two of them unconscious in the jacuzzi.

The witness also reportedly told investigators that she attempted to enter the jacuzzi after discovering the couple was unresponsive, but she was also shocked.

The witness informed investigators that this was the moment she called for help.

The of the State of Sonora is investigating the incident.