Surveillance footage captures horse running on train platform

April 11, 2024 by No Comments

A bizarre video has captured a horse running wild on a train platform in an incident that officials are describing as a “bit of horseplay.” Surveillance footage shared this week by Transport for NSW shows the horse following proper etiquette and staying behind the yellow line as it galloped up and down the platform at the Warwick Farm Railway Station outside of Sydney on Friday. “He appeared to pursue an informant along the platform before unsuccessfully attempting to board a train service,” it wrote on Instagram. “The individual then moved to the carpark area where he was taken in by his owner and he was returned to his residence in a stable condition.” “No one involved in the incident is intending to take any further action as the individual was only horsing around!” Transport for NSW added.  The video shows a woman who is waiting for a train appearing to be startled as the horse runs by her on the platform.  A train then rolls into the station with the horse running alongside it.  The surveillance footage ends with a man leading the horse away from the platform and onto a trailer in the parking lot. “He was reported to be wearing only a rug and demonstrating a bit of horseplay,” Transport for NSW said. “As the train pulled into the station, the horse patiently watched and waited for it to stop. The horse had planned its journey but got colt feet and decided to hoof it.” Officials say transit security was alerted to the incident and trains in the area were advised to run at reduced speeds.