Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Husband Dies in Resort Hot Tub

June 22, 2024 by No Comments

Lizzette Zambrano, from El Paso County, Texas, has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against two Mexican resort travel companies, Casago LLC, Casago International LLC and High Desert Travel Inc., seeking more than $1 million, after her husband, Jorge Guillen, tragically died from electrocution in a resort hot tub.

In the lawsuit, Zambrano, alleges the companies were “grossly negligent” and has called for them to “take accountability” for her 43-year-old husband’s death.

“I want somebody to take accountability for what happened to my husband and myself,” Zambrano said.

The lawsuit details the couple’s final moments together before Guillen was electrocuted in the hot tub.

As soon as Guillen entered the tub, he was “exposed to an electrical current in the water,” the lawsuit states.

“Jorge immediately keeled over into the tub and was taken under the surface of the water,” the lawsuit said. “Witnessing her husband immediately collapse, Lizzette sprang forward from the pool deck to try and grab Jorge’s body.”

Zambrano attempted to rescue him, but was also shocked. 

She was eventually rescued by a bystander and taken to a hospital.

“Patrons attempted to assist, grabbing a shepherd’s cross and other items to attempt to get Jorge’s body,” the lawsuit said. “However, the metal from the objects carried the electrical current and began shocking the rescuers.”

The lawsuit said it took “ten painstaking minutes” before staff members “availed themselves and began to assist in rescuing Jorge.”


“At no time prior to this, did Defendants seek to engage the emergency shutoff for the jacuzzi or attempt any rescue of either Jorge or Lizzette,” it said. “Jorge was being electrocuted and drowned under water for 10 minutes.”

Guillen was remembered in a GoFundMe for having a “heart of gold.”

“Our best friends have experienced Jorge had a heart of gold and was always there for family and friends. The love they shared was one for ages,” reads a GoFundMe page set up for the couple. 

In a comment to the , Casago denied responsibility. 

“The Sonoran Sea is a condo resort and the homeowners’ association is responsible for all common areas, including the maintenance of the swimming pool, hot tubs, and grounds,” they said. “Casago, a vacation rental company, is not involved in any management or maintenance of the resort.”

Digital has reached out to Sonoran Sea Resort for comment.