A mother’s ode to an only son

May 9, 2022 by No Comments

A MOTHER’S love would always be unconditional and unparalleled.She has to endure the intense pain and suffer an insurmountable obstacle to show how lovely she is when she loves someone whom she considers an extension of her life.Like Jocelyn Yoshida to her son Hidetaka or Taka, who is a Fil-Japanese, and an Information Technology Student from the University of St. La Salle-Bacolod.They recently celebrated mother’s day at Elgon’s Secret Garden with close friends.Elgon’s Secret Garden is owned and operated by Elsie Gonzaga, a realtor and a business person. She is assisted by her sister Millie.Yoshida had this meaningful message to her son during her special day, May 8.”For you, I have moved mountains, have walked through valleys and for you, I would do it again and again,” she told her son.She considers it the ultimate honor to be the matriarch of their home and to be the maternal force that stands behind him through trial and tribulation, through sun and storm.”You taught me the grace of the rivers-how going with the flow in such unfamiliar waters can be beautiful,” Yoshida said, adding that in the midst of the unknown, he experienced firsthand something spiritual and divine.She said that he reminded her that her best was more than enough and he also reminded her of beauty in vulnerability.”As we journey through life together, I will instill my wisdom into you. I will teach you to be free and soft… I will remind you that there is no limit, and encourage you to go after all your dreams,” she stressed.She thanked her son, whom she said made her a mother.”Now, I will forever rejoice in the splendor of motherhood. And my maternal love will always be reckoned as a force around you,” she said.