Javi: Mistreatment claim ‘clearly political’

April 22, 2022 by No Comments

“CLEARLY political.”This was the response of Victorias City mayoralty aspirant Javier Miguel “Javi” Benitez to the claims of a son of a reelectionist councilor in the city that he was mistreated by the former.Pacifico “Jun” Adorio III, son of reelectionist councilor Virginia Adorio, said on Wednesday, April 20, that he was ordered by Benitez to kneel before him and kiss his hand after a meeting at the BBB Arcade in Victorias City on March 28, 2022.Adorio alleged that Benitez was annoyed after he liked a Facebook post of a certain Alberto Lacson about the former’s opening salvo in the city on March 24.But Benitez, in a statement late Wednesday, said Adorio was the one who requested the meeting and wanted to apologize because people are doubting his loyalty to the party and their team.“It was my first time meeting him. Why would I do such a thing? There is no truth to what he is saying. His allegations are baseless, false, malicious and a stretch of his imagination—aiming to besmirch my good reputation and character that I have worked hard to protect,” he said.Adorio earlier claimed that the post he liked showed a photo of Benitez being endorsed by his father, former congressman Alfredo Benitez, and uncle, Negros Occidental Third District Representative Francisco Benitez, who are all drenched during the opening salvo.The photo had a red “X” mark with a caption maligning him and the two older Benitez.Alberto Lacson is reported to have several accounts on social media and is believed to be a troll.“It was the only time I realized, right there and then in that meeting, why Javi had summoned me — to explain why I had liked the post of a certain Alberto Lacson, who is critical of them,” Adorio said, adding that “he [Benitez] sounded mad and asked why I liked the said post, or if I read the caption beforehand.”Adorio further claimed that he explained to Benitez why he immediately liked the post.“Seeing the three of them under the rain was admirable, being a supporter and campaign manager of my mother, who is running under his slate,” Adorio said.“I did not mind the X mark at all. In all honesty, I am not that savvy with social media. I did not bother with the caption, too, as my instinct dictated that I should click like upon seeing the candidates that I and my family are supporting,” he added.But for the mayoralty aspirant, this is clearly political.“There were other people in that meeting who can testify about what actually happened and reveal the truth,” Benitez said, adding that “one thing is certain, at the right time, matters like this will be dealt with accordingly at the proper forum.”In his Facebook post, he said, “Let’s focus. About 15 days left.”