Atty. Anya Pauline Yusay: Exemplary bar passer

April 22, 2022 by No Comments

“HARD work, not brilliance will lead you to your dreams.”This was what exemplary 2020-2021 bar passer Atty. Anya Pauline Yusay of the University of St. La Salle Bacolod said.Yusay showed her considerable determination to achieve her desired goal of passing the most difficult examination in the Philippines and she just did not just pass the bar, she passed it with exemplary ratings.She will be joining the roster of new bar passers in taking their Lawyer’s Oath before the Supreme Court next month.Yusay is the girlfriend of 2017 bar topnotcher Atty. Mark John Simondo for five years now.He serves as her inspiration and motivator to aim high in her journey to the legal profession.She described her experience in taking the bar examination as humbling, adding that it was also an emotional journey with physical difficulty.”It took me four years to finish law school and an additional two years of bar review,” Yusay said.She stressed that the road was long and challenging but in the end hard work, discipline, determination and faith paid off.The new lawyer said she is grateful and appreciative to everyone who helped her achieve this endeavor especially to her parents, siblings, and friends and to her boyfriend.Her preparation for the Bar exams started from the first day of law school.”If you are determined to pass the bar exams and become a lawyer, you must be diligent in your studies,” she emphasized.”Innate brilliance alone is not enough (because) it must be coupled with hard work, discipline and determination,” Yusay admitted, as she noted that the study of law requires a lot of sacrifice, time, and effort.She narrated that during her time in law school, she took her studies seriously because she had long decided that she would take the bar exams only once.The big ‘why’ that motivated her to pursue the legal profession was anchored on her childhood dream to become a lawyer.”I wanted to pursue this profession because I have looked up to lawyers and judges (and) I see them as noble warriors of justice,” she shared.She studies in advance her upcoming subjects during the summer to ensure that she is done with all of her readings and assigned cases and that she schedules what to accomplish for the day.”I do my own digest… It may be time consuming, but it helps me hone my issue-spotting skills. Reading the codal, cases, and commentaries will not suffice (because) one must comprehend and recall everything,” Yusay said.When asked if the pandemic has affected her law studies, she said, “There was a lot of uncertainty (since) everything was put on hold.”But she used that as an opportunity to focus and dedicate her time to studying.”Not only did I need to prepare for my exams, I also need to be in good health (especially) that a positive Covid result will disqualify a bar taker from taking the exams,” Yusay recalled.Since the legal profession is a noble one where speedy and inexpensive dispensation of justice to both the needy and the rich are equal in the eyes of the law, Yusay wants to promote inclusive justice.For this purpose, she will do her share by taking in pro bono (free) legal services and some meritorious cases of deserving individuals.”Admittedly, my pro bono services will be limited because I have equally important commitments, however, promoting inclusive justice is not just about defending the poor,” she explained.Given a chance someday, she wanted to help effect policy changes in improving our justice system.Couple goals achieved!Being the girlfriend of the top-notcher Simondo, she appreciates his motivation to aim higher.”At first I was just content to pass (the bar) but he always believed in my potential (especially) every time I would doubt myself,” she said.Her boyfriend would assure her that everything is going to be fine and that she just needs to focus, she added.They met in law school sometime in 2016 when she was in her first year while Simondo was in his fourth year.In the same year, they became a couple. “But everyone knew about it in 2018,” she quipped.Yusay graduated in 2020, barely four years after Simondo made history for being the first topnotcher of the USLS College of law ever produced since its inception about 30 years ago.