Bacolod crime volume down by 26.89% in May

June 5, 2022 by No Comments

COMPARED to the same period last year, the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) has recorded a decrease of 26.89 percent in the city’s total crime volume in May.Lieutenant Colonel Sherlock Gabana, spokesperson of BCPO, said that there were only 87 crime incidents in May 2022 compared to 119 in the same month in 2021.Of the 87 incidents, 66 are peace and order index while 21 others are public safety index, BCPO records showed.It also showed that index crimes or the eight focus crimes slid 16 incidents or about 33 percent decreased last month compared to 24 incidents for the same month last year.In addition, non-index crimes or violations of special laws also dropped by 25.26 percent as there were only 71 incidents last month and 95 in the same month last year.Gabana said there is also decrease in the overall Crime Solution Efficiency from 94.12 percent in May last year to 68.97 this year but he stressed it is above their target of 66.41 percentBCPO’s Average Monthly Crime Rate (AMCR) decreased by 26.89 percent or 14.22 percent last month compared to 19.45 period for the same period last year.Gabana explained that the decrease in crime incidents may be attributed to the intensified police-initiated operations and crime prevention measures conducted by the various police units.He said the regular conduct of Enhanced Managing Police Operations (EMPO) also helped discuss, address and apply appropriate and target-specific interventions in the reduction of crime incidents, especially the eight focus crimes in Bacolod City.BCPO Director Colonel Thomas Joseph Martir lauded the accomplishments of its personnel and he also reminded them to step up in the fight against all forms of criminality.Martir said that crime prevention has always been a top priority of the BCPO as it continues to make the Negros Occidental capital city more peaceful and orderly.Martir also vowed to work together with a responsive community and encourages everyone to keep supporting the efforts to achieve a greater Bacolod to live and to do business.