‘Easterrific Sunday’ with PAWSsion Project

April 20, 2022 by No Comments

PAWSSION Project and Seda Capitol Central have reflected on the reality of strays, unwanted litters, abandoned pets and rescues believing that we all have the power to save and change lives.On Easter Sunday, April 17, Seda Capitol Central provided a venue for the PAWSsion Project to educate the community and spread awareness with regards to animal welfare, the importance of responsible pet ownership, and caring for their pets.They have displayed their merchandise and facilitated the adoption of six dogs while the two remaining adopters are still scheduled for screening.For PAWSsion Project, “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal and new life,” thus they partnered with Seda Capitol Central to support their advocacy of rescuing neglected and abused animals and to find them a new home.The hotel management said in a statement that they have chosen PAWSsion Project-Animal Welfare to be one of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Projects as it is passionately supported by the Zobel de Ayalas because they love animals especially, Fernando Zobel de Ayala and his sister Sofia Zobel Elizalde.In fact, the siblings donated a land area for Balay PAWSsion and have visited Bacolod City recently to check on the non-government organizations’ needs and to check the situation of the rescued cats and dogs, the statement said.It added that the siblings wanted to create initiatives specific to the cause as they have realized that the hotel can be a great venue to help PAWSsion Project support their advocacy.They plan to continue supporting PAWSsion Project and Balay PAWSsion by displaying their merchandise and will be providing them with a designated area or tent for them to use during weekends to have more animals be adopted and rehomed.Seda Capitol Central vowed to continue being involved with PAWSsion Project and animal welfare awareness in general in hotel-sponsored events and initiatives to spread education and awareness.