Hofileña: Era of crises, lessons of history

April 6, 2022 by No Comments

OUR nation recalls today the historic heroism of Filipinos in Bataan and Corregidor on April 9 as Araw ng Kagitingan, which ironically was not only a defeat but also a victory against the Japanese invaders during World War II.This is to highlight the heroism of the Filipinos and American soldiers who fought during World War II. Among the most heroic events of Philippine history were the four short years of the Japanese occupation which showed the unforgettable Filipino heroism in the defenses of Bataan and Corregidor. With their surrender, the regular Filipino and American forces against the Japanese, the Negrenses, among other local groups, organized the historic resistance movements such as the Negros Resistance Government which heroically resisted the Japanese from the mountains of Negros.As in our past several columns, this heroic event is related to our column title of a historic crisis which also confronted the perplexing question of what is happening to our world today. The World War II crises for our country and the world was clearly a global effort for nations of the free world to resist and overcome the evils of tyranny against the democratic nations.Today however, our contemporary era of crises is now faced by the consequent lessons of history. Thus, we ask today the painful question of what is happening to human beings in our present days. More specifically, people all over the world witness the sufferings of millions in other areas of the world, especially in Ukraine.Unfortunately, the bigger countries are seemingly unable to help respond to the various crises events in different parts of the globe and in fact some of the more advanced countries have become part of the crises situations.What are these issues worrying countless peoples around the world?Frequently reported by global media are the bewildered millions suffering from climate change, complicated civil wars and destructive conflicts causing tragic deaths or numerous refugees seeking shelters as pitiable migrants in various countries.Furthermore, the world continues to face the problems of widespread poverty, hunger and health epidemics, natural disasters and the evils of terrorism. Meantime, some of the better off countries are hesitant to offer refuge and a hopeful life for the suffering victims of the natural and human crises of contemporary history. Thus, much of the world continues to cry out with their questions of how to survive the present era of crises and the consequent lessons of history.As our column last week endeavored to shed light on the darkness of our era of crises, we offered some hope in the reality of the two basic aspects of “change” and history. These concepts are integral to the circumstances of human life from the distant past to the present days.Constant change has always been a reality in human history and both factors have influenced the eventful changes in human life. With these factors, we now add the vital realities of values and culture which have likewise helped bring about major changes and historical lessons for the world.The questions of crises today can be attributed to the inevitable changes in human life and the way people have responded to the resulting lessons of history. Equally fundamental to the explanations for the worldwide circumstances in present days are the realities of human values and culture.As we have discussed these aspects in our past columns, the role of human values and culture have been crucial factors in worldwide changes and learnings from history. In our coming columns, we will share more specifics on how values and culture historically explain the positive and negative crises events in the world today.Two critical examples, the negative values and culture of greed and power continue to bring about destructive crises and many lessons in history. We close our column with the same ironic and historic remembrance of the sacrificial sufferings and death with the triumphal resurrection and victory of the historic redeemer, Jesus Christ.(For inquiries, my email add: roquejrhofilena@yahoo.com.ph)