Isko party says Cano Tan not helping; calls to garnish Marcos’ bank accounts

April 30, 2022 by No Comments

“HE IS not helping. He has no actions.”This was the response of Atty. Bobit Roco, vice president of Aksyon Demokratiko, on the move of former Bacolod City councilor Ricardo “Cano” Tan to resign from the party of presidential aspirant Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso.Roco, in a press conference at Business Inn Hotel in Bacolod City yesterday, April 29, said that apparently, before Tan resigned, a new chairman of the party in the city has already been appointed.He is referring to Mario Gerona, who was appointed as new Aksyon Demokratiko chairman for Bacolod City in April this year and the provincial coordinator of Alliance for Isko Movement (AIM).“I believe that is a knee-jerk reaction on the appointment of Mario,” he said, adding that everytime Domagoso comes to Negros Occidental, they are trying to keep in touch with Tan.However, it seems that nothing is happening so they have to do something else as the campaign cannot be stopped, Roco said.“So, we have to figure out how to make it continue, how to campaign for Isko even if the people on the ground or appointed officials do not move properly or according to how the party wants,” he said, adding that “good thing Mario is here to help out.”The party said Tan was respectfully asked to move over and be replaced by the new chair, respectively, through a letter.They also cited possible “conflict of interest” with the resignation of Tan, who is running for councilor of Bacolod City as an independent candidate.Roco pointed out that the party has a principal, who is the mayor of Manila, and when Domagoso visits a certain area he has to see the mayor.“It’s a mayor to mayor [meeting], we still have to pass through certain protocols when we go to certain areas,” he added.During Domagoso’s visit in Bacolod City on Thursday, April 28, he met with Mayor Evelio Leonardia and other city officials at the New Government Center.The mayor, however, clarified that he is not endorsing the candidacy of Domagoso.On the same day, Tan issued a statement announcing that decided to disaffiliate himself from the Aksyon Demokratiko citing disrespect to his designation as their party’s chairman in Bacolod City.The former councilor said he felt disrespected when he was not informed of the several activities of Moreno in the city.As the political campaign progressed, Tan said Moreno’s activities were not coordinated with him and being the party chairman in the city, and such acts were damaging to his leadership.He said as the party leader here, it is incumbent that he holds privity to any activity of Domagoso, whom he regarded as a man of integrity and possessed the capability to lead the country.”I am a leader who values loyalty and respect (but) since I am being bypassed and disrespected in the position given to me, I would rather disaffiliate myself (from him),” Tan said.Although this is a bitter pill to take, Tan accepted that reality bites where “some have shown disrespect to him,” adding that party affiliation is about trust and confidence, respect and loyalty.”This is what binds us but if one of these conditions is being circumvented, this will affect our unity and working relations. We have a big goal to achieve and when disrespect sips in, this will only sink the boat,” he said.Tan expressed hopes that Domagoso will understand his decision as it is not whimsical.Aside from Tan, New Lucena town Sangguniang Kabataan President Bryan Cerebo also resigned as Iloilo provincial chair of Aksyon Demokratiko on April 28, citing “poor coordination” of the national campaign and difference with the principles and stand of Domagoso.For Aksyon Demokratiko, they are not worried about the resignation made by some party local leaders.Roco claimed that there has been a “big switch” happening in favor of Domagoso like that of the 40 groups from other camps that have shifted support for the Manila mayor.“Sila ang dapat kabahan [they are the ones to be worried], ” he added.Garnishment of Marcos’ bank accountsMeanwhile, Aksyon Demokratiko has formally asked the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to implement the garnishment of bank accounts “relating to the estate of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. to pay the P203-billion tax liability.”A letter dated April 21 sent by the party chairman, Ernesto Ramel Jr. to BIR Commissioner CVeasar Dulay, stated that the agency “should immediately and continuously implement collection efforts, whether civil or criminal manner of collection including distraint or garnishment of the bank accounts relating to estate of the late dictator Marcos Sr.””We really need to get what is due. We really need to move faster to ask the Marcos family to pay for their estate tax,” Roco said.*