Joeven Concepcion: Earning ‘clean money’ from ‘dirty’ ice cream

April 8, 2022 by No Comments

EARNING clean money would typically entail hard work and perseverance; unlike easy money, “it easily comes and quickly goes.”For example, in the case of dirty ice cream seller Joeven España Concepcion, he has to roll his ice cream cart anywhere in Bacolod City to earn a living.He said he sourced his clean money from peddling this dirty ice cream, which many like to buy from him.He said that when he started selling the dirty ice cream, he consigned it from a different source, and he would gain commissions.It helped him finish his high school, Concepcion said.Life is not that favorable, but he makes sure that he can be happy and contented with what he does.”It was the selling of dirty ice cream that helped me finish my high school education,” he said, adding that he was proud of what he had achieved by selling dirty ice cream.Concepcion continued the hard work until such time that he gained experience in making dirty ice cream.He now has his own ice cream business where he peddles every day.”The mere fact that I sustained my family by selling dirty ice cream is already enough for me,” he stressedHe named his dirty ice cream business “Concepcion,” his surname.”Summer time is the best time to sell ice cream because of the hot temperature (and) I always wish that if there were no need for rain, it would rather be a sunny day every day,” he emphasized.Sometimes despite the rain, he still has customers and for that, he is thankful to God.He also expressed his gratitude to those who have been supportive of his business.