Lacson, Diaz insulted by Sanogal’s move

April 26, 2022 by No Comments

“WE WERE insulted.”This was how Provincial Administrator lawyer Rayfrando Diaz II described how he and Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson regarded the legal action taken by Provincial Planning and Development Officer Ma. Lina Sanogal.Sanogal, who is set to retire in October this year, filed a complaint before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Law Department against Lacson and Diaz on April 5, 2022.She said the officials violated the Omnibus Election Code when they transferred her to the governor’s office.Prior to this, Sanogal also filed a separate charge against the two before the Civil Service Commission on April 1.Diaz said he spent four hours talking with Sanogal and her leading division heads to prepare her office for her retirement this year.”She betrayed our agreements during that meeting,” he said, adding that contrary to the claims of Sanogal, the Comelec has approved the request of the Provincial Government for exemption of the transfer of her and three other employees.On November 15, 2021 Sanogal wrote Lacson a letter through Diaz informing them of her retirement from government service effective next early 2022.She requested for 2022 budget allocation equivalent to their respective Terminal Leave Benefits.On March 15, the Provincial Government wrote a letter to Comelec Regional Director Wilfredo Jay Balisado requesting for the grant of continuing authority to the Provincial Government of Negros Occidental to transfer its officers or employees during the period for the Comelec ban on transfer of government employees.This is in compliance with Section 29 of the Comelec Resolution 10742.Diaz said he cannot understand the move of Sanogal, adding that “we even allotted a budget for her retirement benefits as she requested.”When the transition plan for office was implemented, Diaz said, Sanogal complained that her new position was demeaning to her.”Her new post was easy and comfortable for her (and) she could focus on processing her retirement papers while the transition is ongoing to the officer in charge,” he added.The provincial administrator stressed that what they are doing is all in good faith and beneficial to all the employees.”We do not know what her motives are although she wanted to choose who her successor would be,” he added.