Ombion: Dangerous conjuncture

April 8, 2022 by No Comments

MY BOLD and daring forecast is that Leni and a few of her senators including Neri Colmenares, Luke Espiritu and Chel Diokno will win in the hearts of more than half of 68 million Filipino voters.Surveys and political rallies, street and market whispers, increasingly resonate for Leni.But given the effective control of the Duterte regime over Comelec and its election service contractor F2 Logistics owned by a perceived Duterte crony Dennis Uy, the Supreme Court, the military and police, even the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and DBM (Department of Budget and Management), it is a popular perception that BBM-Sara tandem will still win. And PRRD is reportedly preparing a craft to have Sarah replace BBM.I don’t know how, but logic and instinct tell me that PRRD is apparently obsessed with getting elected a president and a puppet senate and house who can secure him from possible lawsuits and class suits when he becomes a mere citizen of this country on June 10 this year.This had happened before when Marcos staged a coup and imposed Martial Law in 1972 to perpetuate himself in power. He repeated his fascist feat in calling for a snap election on February 7, 1986 to stave off the rising broad anti-dictatorship movement against his authoritarian fascist regime.What Marcos overlooked, however, was the capacity of the national democratic movement then to spur and lead the broad anti-Marcos dictatorship towards his ouster via Edsa people power in February 1986.Duterte is on the same route; and with all his present obvious and much-hated political gameplans and maneuvers, deception and repression, to maintain upper hand among the elites and control of his regime, it is not unlikely that he falls into the same trap of his own making.If people felt cheated by the election turnouts, when the various anti-Duterte-Marcos oppositions including Philippine churches feel seriously marginalized for all the dehumanizing and disenfranchising treatment they get from the administration and coming into one broad united front is the only best option to keep their sanity and political survival, and when the well-meaning generals and middle level officers of the police and military distanced themselves from PRRD — then ala 1986 Edsa might happen, which could lead to the ouster of the Duterte-Marcos clique and usher a new liberal democratic administration, or trigger further the conflict in Philippine society between the organized forces of change and forces of status quo.Indeed, we are in a dangerous conjuncture.I just hope and pray that such a scenario is still avoidable because if it doesn’t, then we will be in for another long haul bloody, chaotic and retrogressive regime.For now, I look forward to citizens imbued with great humanism and patriotism to wage massive information and awareness, not hate, campaigns, build centers of discernment and consensus building in every community and household, extend hands of understanding and love to everyone, and prevent thwart by peaceful means all attempts to confuse, divide and weaken us as sovereign Filipinos.The enemy is not our fellow Filipinos, not our fellow workers, farmers, vendors, odd-jobbers, and ordinary professionals, but the network of well-organized and propertied persons and groups who take advantage of our corrupted culture and mindsets, the many of us who live in “kapit sa patalim,” to keep us subjugated and paraded as pawns and puppets.We may not be able to change everything in barely four weeks until election day, but this sort of cultural revolution quite a number of us are waging and will pursue beyond election will have substantive and lasting impact in everyone’s lives.I don’t know if we still have people who believe in Ninoy Aquino’s combative political slogan that “Filipinos are worth dying for.” But for me, and to paraphrase the great scientist and humanist Albert Einstein, we don’t go for worthy things, but live as men of value.

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