UBM F?founder Jun Hinojas: Wishing for local musicians’ time to shine

April 3, 2022 by No Comments

UNITED Bacolod Musicians (UBM) founder Jun Hinojas said that homegrown musicians are equally talented and can deliver quality performances given the right opportunity and support from the government and the community.UBM is an organization of Bacolod musicians who honed their musical skills and talents through the years.The organization has 508 members, who similarly aim to work for the possible institutionalization of its existence and to be a recognized sector in the community.Hinojos said that with the lowered Covid-19 classification level of Bacolod City and the Province of Negros Occidental, homegrown musicians are back on track after almost two years from hiatus in events and gigs.After all, music is important to the lives of people regardless of class and economic status.Music gives meaning to one’s life on most occasions – be it personal, professional, religious, day, night, happy or sad, good or worst times.Relationships are strengthened by music and he cannot imagine a life and the world exist without music.That is how vital music is and musicians are part of such a need that is precious and inescapable.Hinjoas said that he hopes to strengthen the sector of homegrown musicians in Bacolod City and Negros Occidental.The support given to homegrown musicians is vital in their economic existence. It’s good that the pandemic has slowed down and hopefully, the health risk will go, he said.Hinojas, who plays the drums, is also the founder of Project Juan band. His 9 years old son Zach is also into music and plays the guitar.Project Juan recently performed in big events in Bacolod City, EB Magalona, Sipalay City, and others.He hopes that their dreams will be realized that will boil down to the welfare and benefit of the homegrown musicians.*