GALA Sports sets sail to the world with its IPO and its latest mobile simulation game Total Football

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GALA Sports sets sail to the world with its IPO and its latest mobile simulation game Total Football


  • GALA Sports has announced its initial public offering on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, with a global offering period from 30 December 2022 to 6 January 2023, becoming the first publicly listed mobile sports games developer in Hong Kong


  • GALA Sports’s new mobile football action simulation game Total Football showcases its leading technology of sophisticated action animation of players’ habits on the pitch and recreates perfect arena atmosphere by rendering up to 100,000 dynamic spectators and spectacular tifos.


After a month-long football fever of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, mobile football games have become one of the hottest game genres in the world because it extends the games, the fantasies, and the fun beyond the football pitch, just at people’s fingertips.

As one of the well-prepared game developers, GALA Sports, an indie studio which focuses on sports titles has launched its flagship mobile football action simulation game Total Football this year. Its technological breakthroughs, including the state of art 3D gameplay scenes and more advanced AI technology to enhance users’ sensational experience, have successfully engaged tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans in just half a year.

Gameplay and graphics are comparable to that from industry giants

Developing a mobile game is never an easy job, especially in the technology era. User expectations for better performance in graphics and visuals as well as gaming experience rise in tandem with the breakneck pace of advancement in mobile technology, which holds game developers in a constantly challenging environment.

Among all contenders, GALA Sports is a youth yet competent one and has been working on sports games R&D for almost a decade, along with an incisive understanding of the core needs of their target users. This enables GALA Sports to satisfy the ever-growing visual technology percipience and the demand of gaming experience. The products launched so far are the reputable works in its sub-discipline, including Football Master, NBA Basketball Master, Football Master 2, and Total Football.

In an effort to create a more realistic game on a par with those from industry giants, GALA Sports patiently spent five years on Total Football’s R&D, including inviting professional football players to record more than 2,000 hours of on-pitch movements and actions, as well as gathering information and stats from thousands of real games combined with tactical settings and adjustments in its self-owned largest motion capture venue in Asia. Driving by Arena Intelligence, a data-driven AI system in Total Football, players’ features are fully shaped with the actual information of the players’ physical strength, running speed, shooting accuracy, and their habits on the pitch.

GALA Sports uses those data to create the MotionField action database, a data-driven action model that covers practically all human movements and actions on a football pitch, which has considerably improved player motions in sports gaming. With the front-end search engine searching the MotionField at one million times per second, it is not surprising that Total Football can amaze its users by the smooth and seamless ribbles displayed on their screens.

Not to mention that GALA Sports models the realistic movement of the player’s muscles and jersey by simulating the underlying bones, fascia, fat, skin, and jersey, reproducing these complex physical mappings on the screen. This contributes to Total Football’s high-quality muscle and jersey rendering, which could exceed PC and console high-end sports video games’ display.

Great care for fans by recreating fans culture and arena atmosphere

Most part of the users’ needs may have been satisfied by the stunning motions already, and the remaining goes to inconspicuous details. As football fans, GALA Sports management well understands home court is a second home to fans and why fans are commonly called the 12th player in a match. Hence GALA Sports takes extra steps to recreate arena atmosphere and fans culture. In Total Football, up to 100,000 dynamic roaring spectators and spectacular tifos are perfectly depicted on the screen, which is no less than bringing a football match to life.

In addition, GALA Sports has also established a user community, which allows users to design their own tactics, tifos and icons, building fans cohesion that increases the immersiveness and platform stickiness. To make the game more interactive, Total Football will also pick some outstanding tifos from users and make those tifos available to all. Such a feature highlights one’s uniqueness and will help to increase user engagement.

GALA Sports has successfully obtained IP right licenses from sports leagues, sports associations, and sports clubs, including NBA, NBPA, FIFPro, A.C. Milan, Liverpool F.C., F.C. Barcelona, F.C. Bayern Munich, Juventus F.C., Manchester City F.C. and so on. Its development and operational capabilities have secured the recognition by these partners which grant them IP right licenses to sustain the long-term popularity of their games.

Management’s passion lays a foundation continuous improvement

In terms of revenue in 2021, GALA Sports is the number two mobile sports game developer in China, with a 7.9% share of the market. Total Football is just the beginning for GALA Sports, as the global market for mobile sports simulation games is forecast to rise to USD 13.3 billion in 2026.

“We are fans of video games and football, and we are willing to spend more on R&D to breaking through the difficulties. Companies from the perspectives of business only may not devote the same. Our main goal this year is to keep Total Football at a high standard by continuous upgrading graphics quality, adding signature moves and various tactics, as well as characteristics of the players, to generate excellent gameplay experience.” says Huang Xiang, Executive Director of GALA Sports. “We are also developing baseball, basketball games as well. All of these are still in the technical prototype stage. For the long-term course, we aim at providing more sophisticated games with quality even higher than that of Total Football.”

GALA Sports has announced its initial public offering on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, with a global offering period from 30 December 2022 to 6 January 2023. With the proposed listing date on 16 January 2023, GALA Sports will be the first listed mobile sports games developer in Hong Kong.


About GALA Sports

Established in 2013, GALA Sports is a mobile game developer, publisher and operator in the PRC with a focus on mobile sports simulation games for global markets. It ranked second in the mobile sports game market in the PRC in 2021 in terms of revenue, representing a market share of approximately 7.9%. In 2021, GALA Sports also ranked second in the mobile sports simulation game market in the PRC in terms of revenue, representing a market share of approximately 12.4%.  

GALA Sports has formed valuable and strategic relationships with IP right holders, including renowned sports leagues, sports associations and sports clubs. These IP right licenses, together with the strong research and development as well as data analytics capabilities of GALA Sports, have allowed the Group to create attractive game content and maintain the high quality and appeal of its mobile sports games to drive user engagement.


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