Gradient Protocol Marks Triumph with Bittensor Validator Debut ahead of Anticipated Raise

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Gradient Protocol Marks Triumph with Bittensor Validator Debut ahead of Anticipated Raise


New York, NY – 03/28/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Gradient Protocol has just announced the successful launch of its first in-house validator, which marks a significant milestone in the liquid staking landscape on the Bittensor network. This development was made possible through a strategic $150,000 allocation from Gradient’s most recent private seed investment round.



The Gradient TAO validator, currently operational on Subnet 18 (Cortex.t), has been running for the initial validation period without any errors or other down time. The validator has seemingly shown promising performance, demonstrating the protocol’s potential to offer secure, efficient, and scalable staking solutions – as well as a need to move on to more subnets, and enhance server capabilities.

This launch is the first step in the protocol’s broader umbrella strategy to cast a wide net of specialized validators across multiple Bittensor subnets. By expanding Gradients validator footprint, the protocol aims to further diversify in-house network validation processes, which serves to enhance both the overall stability and substantiate the systems security. This further maintains stable returns on investments for the protocol users, and works to improve the network’s validator performance by a significant margin.

The raise, which is going to be held on the industry standard LBP Fjord Foundry, will serve as a second funding round used to bootstrap liquidity for the platforms native token, enhance the capabilities of the validators under the protocols control, as well as secure sustainable growth for the project.

About Gradient

Gradient Protocol developed from an innovative vision to set the stage for the liquid staking landscape within the Bittensor network. By leveraging the power of decentralized staking methods, Gradient aspires to offer a sustainable, high-yielding, and truly decentralized platform. The protocols growth is marked by significant milestones in network validation diversity, and highlights its potential to further substantiate the growth of the TAO network as a whole.

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