Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking explores credit financing options for clients

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Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking explores credit financing options for clients


New York, Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking, an independent entity of Stankevicius Group, providing alternative capital solutions is looking to explore credit financing options for clients for specific industries in the United Arab Emirates and overseas including Asia and the US.


Funding, project financing and investor relations have always been and still is the core of annual focus for most of the companies. Stankevicius Group has been assisting clients in raising capital since 2016 primarily through institutional investors from private equity and retail investors from public markets. Private equity is a specific subject for specific industries and specific companies, for example a tech company could easily raise funds for an equity basis but a general trading enterprise focusing on import and export cannot raise funds that easily.


Certain industries have their own ways of getting to inject the capital into the projects. Specifically, the Middle Eastern region and countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have always been in the center of the worlds trade. A lot of goods and products get shipped and transported through the Middle East, and as a matter of fact more specifically the mostly exercised business in the United Arab Emirates is purely import and export trade.


The issue in the trade industry is that equity investments are extremely difficult to approach for a general trading company, since the business operations are based on different metrics and technicalities which are very far away from a so-called standard equity based enterprise. In the trade industry, the risk and reward ratio might be as high as trading volatile stocks, some may say, but with proper analysis and risk management control, business can be done.


One of the primary ways to finance such a business is through credit, however credit is not easily obtained as one might think. A collaborative alliance between top tier banks and top tier financial institutions is required as the basic fundamental to enter the credit industry and provide such financing to companies that are in need. Credit is something very private and not easily accessible to anyone. The industry is also experiencing a lot of fraud, and safety being a priority requires companies to take a lot of aspects into consideration. The whole process can seem very tough and difficult to execute by the company itself in terms of attaining that credit financing.


It is now being announced that in the first quarter of 2023, (SAIB) Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking is partnering up with New York based top tier financial institutions and Dubai based R&R Capital to provide credit facilitation services to companies in the trade and other alternative industries such as manufacturing and real estate development.


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