EUDA Health Expands into Direct Selling of Holistic Wellness Products through Acquisition of CK Health

May 7, 2024 by No Comments

SINGAPORE, May 06, 2024 — EUDA Health Holdings Limited (“EUDA” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: EUDA), a Singapore-based health technology company that operates a first-of-its-kind Southeast Asian digital healthcare ecosystem, today announced that it will acquire CK Health Plus Sdn Bhd (“CK Health”), a direct seller of holistic wellness consumer products in Malaysia. Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, EUDA has agreed to acquire the entire issued capital of CK Health for an aggregate share consideration of 10 million newly issued ordinary shares of the Company, valued at US$15 million. The acquisition is expected to close on 8th May 2024, subject to customary closing conditions.

Established in Malaysia in 2023, CK Health is a direct seller of holistic wellness consumer products through its online platform and member network. CK Health’s products leverage non-invasive therapies to make holistic healthcare accessible for everyone using advanced technologies. CK Health has exclusive distribution rights to distribute bioenergy cabins in Malaysia from Guangzhou Beauty Wellness Health Technology Co., Ltd. (“GBHT”) and collagen drinks, supplements, and skincare products in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia from Guangzhou YOROYAL Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yoroyal”).

To maximize business synergies and capitalize on opportunities created by Southeast Asia’s aging population, EUDA will integrate CK Health’s holistic wellness consumer products into its portfolio of complementary products and services offered alongside its proprietary healthcare solutions platform. Through CK Health, EUDA will license bioenergy cabins to partners such as spas, beauty salons, and confinement centers and will distribute Yoroyal’s consumer products through direct selling, e-commerce platforms, and retail outlets.

Bioenergy cabins represent the fusion of neurobiology and genetics. They offer therapies for pain management and mobility improvement using resonant frequencies associated with individual DNA profiles. Each bioenergy cabin offers real-time biofeedback and adapts their therapies to the user based on neurological responses and genetic predispositions.

Yoroyal’s oligopeptide technology is used in the manufacturing of collagen drinks, supplements, and skincare products. Oligopeptide has been found to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost immune systems, and help with weight loss. It is expected to also help reduce cholesterol levels and improve skin health.

Dr. Kelvin Chen, Founder and CEO of EUDA, commented “We’re very excited to announce this acquisition and believe the synergies will create significant growth opportunities for us across the region. CK Health’s portfolio of holistic wellness consumer products directly complement and will strengthen our product and service offerings, further diversifying our revenue streams going forward. Their offerings are also more convenient than some traditional methods of treatment, which carry risks of their own and can be time-consuming making them the ideal choice for many consumers seeking shorter treatment times.”