French singer Joyce Jonathan joins Chinese variety show “Ride the Wind 2024”

May 6, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, the popular variety show “Ride the Wind 2024” produced by China’s Mango TV receives its first French singer Joyce Jonathan. French singer Joyce Jonathan debuts in the variety show Ride the Wind 2024. [Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV] CHANGSHA, China, May 06, 2024 — This show is a music competition as well as international cultural exchange platform, featuring accomplished females from worldwide. In this show, 36 international female stars from France, the United States, Russia, China and other countries were invited. Their wonderful performances have been loved by many audiences, making “Ride the Wind 2024” outstanding among the likes. The show explores to integrate traditional Chinese cultural elements and a variety of other cultural styles, presented by the brilliant stage performances of the 36 contestants. Joyce Jonathan is a French pop singer and songwriter. Her music style is mainly pop and folk. She released her first album Sur Mes Gardes in 2009 and gained great success and popularity from it. On the stage themed traditional Chinese twenty-four solar terms, Joyce Jonathan made her debut with the classic French folk song “Les Champs-Elysées”, showcasing the charm of French music to the Chinese audience. In the latest episode of the show, Joyce Jonathan challenged a newly adapted Chinese song. Her performance was greatly enjoyed by the audiences. In addition, she tried a new music style, learning a traditional Chinese drama, Yue Opera, from the guests of “Ride the Wind 2024”. Joyce commented, “The Chinese artists, or sisters, and crew members, in the show are really open-minded and inclusive. They make me feel that China is like home.” When talking about the reasons for her participation in this show, she said, “China and France have developed a friendship lasting as long as 60 years. I hope that my participation will bring more possibilities for French-China cultural exchanges.” Media contact:Liu Shiyi