Mobile Health Network and Online Pharmacy Partner to Expand Access to Healthcare in Singapore and Indonesia

April 23, 2024 by No Comments

SINGAPORE, April 23, 2024 — Mobile-health Network Solutions (Nasdaq: MNDR) (“MaNaDr” or the “Company”), a pioneering Asia-Pacific (“APAC”) telehealth provider, has announced a strategic partnership with PT Indopasifik Teknologi Medika Indonesia, better known as Lifepack, an online prescription provider based in Indonesia. The collaboration aims to improve healthcare accessibility in Indonesia by increasing affordable and accessible healthcare for the population.

Approximately 2,000 Indonesian physicians, including general practitioners and specialists, will participate in training to effectively provide patient teleconsultations through MaNaDr’s platform. Once on the platform, these physicians will initiate an awareness program intended to encourage their Indonesian patients to consider the advantages of receiving medical care remotely via teleconsultations on MaNaDr’s platform. These physicians will also have access to the platform’s AI-enabled face-scan diagnostic tools for remote diagnosis and also have the opportunity to participate in medical symposiums and knowledge-sharing initiatives with their APAC colleagues.

The partnership will allow Indonesian patients, via the use of a MaNaDr mobile app, to access teleconsultations from among these physicians– as well as other preferred general practitioners or specialists on the MaNaDr platform – from the comfort of their homes. The mobile app’s AI-enabled face-scan technology permits patients without measurement equipment to receive remote diagnosis. After a teleconsultation is complete, all medications prescribed by the physician will be automatically routed by the MaNaDr platform to Lifepack, which will fill the prescriptions and arrange delivery to the patient.

“We are excited to partner with Lifepack to bring innovative healthcare solutions to Indonesia,” said Co-CEO of MaNaDr, Dr. Siaw Tung Yeng, , Senior Consultant Family Physician. “This partnership will not only benefit Indonesian physicians and patients but also contribute to the advancement of telemedicine in the region.” Natali Ardianto, CEO of Lifepack, expressed similar sentiments, stating, “The strategic partnership between MaNaDr and Lifepack aligns with our mission to deliver impactful innovations in healthcare. We look forward to providing Indonesian residents with affordable, quality and 24×7 near-instant access to prescriptions and consultations with this partnership.”

Mr. Ardianto added that Lifepack will follow-up with chronic patients to ensure their medications have been delivered in a timely fashion. The program is set to commence in May 2024, with a full-scale rollout expected in Q4 of 2024. MaNaDr and Lifepack said they believed the partnership represented, “a significant step towards delivering impactful healthcare innovations at reduced cost to Indonesia’s 270 million citizens.” The parties also said they anticipate that as the program gains acceptance in Indonesia it would likely generate, “significant incremental revenue over the coming years.”