British parliament votes to prohibit smoking for generations born after 2009

April 18, 2024 by No Comments

The British parliament has voted to prohibit smoking for future generations. The Tobacco and Vapes Bill, introduced and championed by [name], is set to ban smoking for anyone born after 2009. It overwhelmingly passed a vote in the House of Commons with 383 votes to 67 on Government officials have boasted that the bill will produce the U.K.’s first-ever “smoke-free generation.”There is still several steps to officially passing the bill into law, including a debate and vote in the upper chamber of the U.K. parliament, the House of Lords. The Conservative Party has seen internal tensions over the , which many Tory leaders have claimed is a misstep.”When the party of Winston Churchill wants to ban cigars, donnez-moi un break [give me a break] as they say in Quebec, it’s just mad,” said last week at a conference in Canada.Fellow ex-prime minister Liz Truess echoed Johnson’s concerns, saying the goal of legislating the personal decisions of grown men and women was misguided.”It is very important that until people have decision-making capability while they are growing up that we protect them,” Truess said. “But I think the whole idea that we can protect adults from themselves is hugely problematic.”Supporters of the ban claim that the addictive nature of takes away an individual’s freedom to make a free decision about consuming them.