UK Police: Cyber Thieves Stole Personal Data from Many

April 19, 2024 by No Comments

A website that enabled over 2,000 criminals to create phishing sites that tricked up to 70,000 British victims into revealing personal details such as bank account details and passwords has been infiltrated and disrupted, London police said Thursday. They said they seized the LabHost site, which allowed more than 2,000 criminals to generate phishing sites that obtained 480,000 bank card numbers and 64,000 PIN numbers from victims. Law enforcement at home and abroad have arrested 37 people since Sunday, and another 800 were warned that police know their identity. Many of them remain under investigation.The site was established in 2021 to charge a monthly fee to generate fraudulent websites that appeared to be those of legitimate banks, healthcare agencies or postal services but were intended to steal users’ personal information. The site offered templates and a tutorial for less technically proficient users to use profiles of 170 companies to establish around 40,000 scam sites. The tutorial ended with a robotic voice saying: “Stay safe and good spamming.” Police have notified as many as 25,000 U.K. victims that their data was compromised.