Cause-oriented group organizer reported missing

April 7, 2022 by No Comments

AN URBAN poor organizer and education officer of a cause-oriented group in Bacolod City has been reported missing since Monday, April 5, 2022.Alvin Larit, 25, of Bangga Arca in the city, told police that his father, Iver, 51, of the same address, left their house to go to the office of Kadamay-Negros, a local urban poor organization.Larit’s son also said he could no longer reach his father through his mobile number since 10 a.m. that day.On Wednesday, his colleagues staged a rally in front of the Fountain of Justice at the Bacolod City Hall, calling on Larit’s abductors to release him.They expressed concern that Larit’s disappearance may have something to do with his participation in helping an urban poor community in Bacolod City whose members are facing demolition.Larit was the target of many state-sanctioned attacks throughout the years, the group said.In 2011, he was detained for eight months for trumped-up charges but was eventually dismissed for lack of substantial evidence, they added.Kadamay, in a statement, said on May 18, 2019, state elements forcibly entered and ransacked Larit’s residence.Despite the attacks, Larit continued to organize urban poor communities in Bacolod City that have been facing threats of demolition and are deeply affected by “Duterte’s anti-people economic policies amid the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic,” it said.It further said the heightened attacks in Negros “proved this regime’s desperation to curb the popular resistance against his reign of terror.”For the police’s part, Captain Elmer Bonilla, commander of Police Station 7, said they are coordinating with Larit’s family to resolve his disappearance.

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