Chinese variety show “Ride the Wind 2024” showcases international talents on a global stage

May 9, 2024 by No Comments

CHANGSHA, China, May 09, 2024 — Chinese variety show “Ride the Wind 2024”, produced by Mango TV, is a musical spectacular and international cultural exchange platform. The show has invited 36 accomplished women of all ages from across the globe to join in with the excitement. Their show-stopper choir performance, on a stage themed after China’s traditional 24 solar terms that accompany the 12 months of the year, proved to be an entertainment feast that highlighted cultural diversity and international integration. Contestants from France, Vietnam, the United States, Thailand, Russia and elsewhere delivered unique and well-received performances in this popular TV sensation.

For debut performances featured so far, Joyce Jonathan sang the classic French folk song “Les Champs-Elysées”, bringing the unique charm of French music to the Chinese audience. Repping for Vietnam, singer Suni wowed the crowds with a challenging ribbon dance. Nicole Jung from South Korean girl group Kara, brought out her signature butt-dance when singing “Mr.” Mai Davika introduced a Thai style to the stage with “Can I call you mine” and Russian singer Mari Kraimbrery creatively included some acrobatics with her song “You are born a star.” American pop singer Sasha Alex Sloan sang “Dancing with your ghost”, a popular hit on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

When group competition officially began, teams of talented performers also made brilliant performances. Joyce Jonathan from France, as just one example, brought the song “Behind Me” to life affectionately with her Chinese teammate Han Xue.

Once off the stage, Joyce Jonathan learned a bit more about Chinese culture in the show. She tried the Baduanjin qigong exercise, a soothing foot bath, some Chinese tongue twisters, and fell in love with the surprisingly tasty snack stinky tofu.

“Ride the Wind 2024” is a stage for contestants from around the world to shine. Despite speaking different languages, they can learn from each other and work together to create more possibilities for global culture exchange.

Media contact:Liu Shiyi