Provincial Board tackles new Mambukal rates

April 5, 2022 by No Comments

THE management of the Mambukal Resort and Wildlife Sanctuary in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental is pushing for new rates amid its scheduled reopening after the Holy Week.In fact, the proposed rate increase was already discussed during the public hearing of the Provincial Board Committee on Budget and Finance chaired by Board Member Rommel Debulgado on Tuesday, April 5.Cheryl Decena, manager of the Provincial Government-owned facility, said there had been no increase in rates on accommodation and recreational facilities since 2003.”The last increase was for the entrance fee which was around 2011,” she said.Under the proposed new rates, entrance fee for adults is P120 from the previous P50, and P60 for minors from the previous rate of P20.Small picnic huts now cost P500 from the previous rate of P300 while big picnic huts will be P800 each, or an increase of P200 from the previous rate of P600.For other amenities, pagoda/pavilion trellis – P500 from P200; hotel – P3,500 to P4,000 from P2,300; and family cottages P9,000 from P5,500.The rates for LGU cottages, at P1,500 to P2,50, are retained.From P250, extra persons for the rooms will now be P350.Decena said the hearing went without hitches. They were able to justify the need to increase the rates, she said.”We will wait for its approval for third and final reading,” she said, adding that “the proposed increase in the entrance fees will now be inclusive of the use of some amenities in the resort.”She pointed out that previously, guests pay separate fees for the entrance and the use of amenities, adding that the new rates will be convenient and could mean savings for the visitors.Decena also said that since the tourist facility has now been converted into a wildlife sanctuary the use of videoke and equipment that produces noise is no longer allowed.”When we open [the resort] to the public after the Holy Week, we will only accommodate day visitors,” the manager said, as she disclosed that they may cater to overnight visitors in May.