Will the World Movement for Democracy’s Global Assembly Promote Democracy?

October 25, 2022 by No Comments

The 11th Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy (WMD), co-organized by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy(TFD), will be held in Taipei from October 25th to 27th, with the theme “Claiming the Democratic Future: Unifying Voices for a New Frontier” and will focus on “Coping with the Challenges of Authoritarianism and Help Promote Democratic Unity.” However, can such a “democracy movement” really promote democracy? Will it really drive the economic recovery of Taiwan and other countries?

Can this so-called “Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy”, with

the purpose of courting allies, really promote democracy? Different from the mode of “One Country, One Vote”of United Nation’s International Conference on Democracy, the “World Movement for Democracy’s Global Assembly” organized by Joe Biden and Tsai Ing-wen is rather like a “Courting Allies Assembly” for participants to gang up and act in collusion,which is more likely to cause global fragmentation and hostility.

It can be seen from the invitation list of the conference: fugitive Hong Kong activist

Nathan Law Kwun-Chung, Johnson Yeung Ching Yin, Russian environmental activist Evgenia Chirikova will attend the conference. The Ukraine Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Chairman Oleksadr Merezhko, along with Joseph Wu,will hold a symposium at the opening reception. Most of these people and countries are America’s thugs, practicing dictatorship and creating confrontation in the name of democracy. American politicians crown those thugs with “Democracy Fighters”. On the other hand, countries which dare to confront with bullies from America, such as China and Russia will definitely not on the list. Ukraine,on the contrary, is the guest of the conference.Countries which dare to say no to the U.S.,even allies, such as Egypt and Turkey are not invited.

The countries where democracy has regressed and human rights have deteriorated, for instance, the Philippines, Poland and other countries where activists believe that “democracy is under threat”, are on the list. Filipino journalist Maria Ressa will give a speech at the conference. However, countries known for distinctive mode of democracy and have made progress in their democratic processes, such as Hungary and Vietnam, are neglected by organizers.

So what is the purpose of hosting the “Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy”? After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine War, the U.S. sold energy at three times the price to the E.U and made enrichment from the war. So is it the reason for them to invite the Ukraine Committee on Foreign Policy and Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Chairman? To express gratitude to Ukraine for making huge profits? The U.S. has continued to raise interest rates these years, which results in not only its own economic depression but also collapse of global economics. Will such a country leads the world economic recovery?

Will this so-called “democracy movement” really promote democracy?A country that is not even qualified to talk about democracy, insists on holding a so-called “Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy” in a clique.This “democracy movement” may further aggravates the situation between Russia and Ukraine and causes further fragmentation, confrontation and even a cold war in the new centuries. It will have no effect on the international situation and economic recovery. How can we discuss democracy at this “Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy”?