Equation Announces its Highly Anticipated Mainnet Launch on Arbitrum

October 27, 2023 by No Comments

Singapore, October 27, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Equation, the perpetual contract protocol in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), is set to make a significant leap as it announces its official launch on the Arbitrum Mainnet, scheduled for October 28th at 0:00 UTC. Equation has been making waves during its first-month Testnet phase with the Interactive Ranking Tournament campaign, garnering extensive user support and recognition for its innovative product experience. Additionally, Equation has undergone a thorough smart contract audit by third-party experts at ABDK Consulting. The completed audit report for Equation can be found here. It provides a comprehensive review of Equation’s smart contract code, ensuring its security and reliability.

The team behind Equation is committed to pushing the boundaries of DeFi, and the launch on the Arbitrum Mainnet represents a pivotal moment in the project’s roadmap.

Equation’s Vision: A New Dawn for DeFi

Equation is positioning itself as “The Next Generation of Decentralized Perpetual Exchange”, offering both traders and liquidity providers with up to 200x leverage. Equation stands as a true testament to the principles of decentralization. At its core, it operates as a non-custodial, on-chain decentralized protocol, firmly adhering to the ethos of trustless transactions. This means users can trade directly from their wallet without the need for sign-ups or deposits. The freedom to manage and trade assets directly from one’s wallet represents a realization of DeFi’s true potential—secure, transparent, and fully decentralized.

Key Features of the Equation Mainnet

The Equation Mainnet introduces a dynamic range of exciting features. Here’s a closer look at the key functions:


Built upon the innovative Balance Rate Market Maker (BRMM) model, Equation introduces a novel approach to price discovery for perpetual contracts based on the liquidity pool balance rate. It offers both Market Order and Limit Order functions, along with up to 200x leverage, empowering traders with greater control over their strategies. Equation sets itself apart from its competitors by allowing traders to establish larger and unrestricted positions, all while maintaining a super low Maintenance Margin Rate of 0.25%, thus significantly reducing liquidation risk.

Upon the Mainnet Launch, Equation will support perpetual trading for various currencies, including ETH, BTC, SOL, ARB, OP, MATIC, AVAX, and LINK.


Equation allows users to to earn USDC rewards by staking EQU directly or staking EQU/ETH LP NFT , which can be acquired by providing liquidity to the Uniswap EQU/ETH pool (full range). In return, users receive veEQU. Possessing veEQU offers multiple advantages, including a share of 25% of the protocol’s trading fees and also governance rights. The quantity of veEQU allocated is influenced by both the proportion of locked tokens and the duration of the lock-up period, making it a dynamic and rewarding choice for all participants inside the ecosystem.

Liquidity Mining

Equation’s liquidity mining function provides users with a unique opportunity to maximize their earning potential. Liquidity providers (LPs) can contribute to pools with up to 200x leverage. This flexibility empowers LPs to tailor their participation according to their risk preferences, significantly enhancing their capital efficiency. The income generated by LPs stems from two primary sources. Firstly, they earn liquidity mining rewards. Secondly, a portion of the trading fees will also be added to enhance their income.

Moreover, users also have the option to contribute liquidity to the Risk Buffer Fund (RBF) without leverage. Notably, the liquidity contributed is shielded from liquidation, even in situations where the fund’s performance temporarily becomes negative. This protective measure ensures the safety of user contributions. Once contributed, the liquidity is subject to a 90-day lock-up period. After this lock-up period concludes, users gain the flexibility to withdraw their contributions at any time, provided the RBF demonstrates a positive net performance.

In conclusion, Equation provides users with a distinctive earning opportunity that offers flexible options suitable tailored for different user risk profiles.

Referral Mining

In a realm where traditional tokenomics often leads to conflicts and diverging interests, Equation is introducing a revolutionary hybrid Tokenomics model that combines Fungible Tokens (EQU) and Non-Fungible Tokens (EFC – Equation Founders Club). This model consists of 3 tiers: Member NFTs (distributed to crypto influencers), Connector NFTs (distributed to Equation’s core promotion team), and Architect NFTs (distributed to Equation’s core R&D team). Member NFT holders can generate multiple referral codes and receive 10% of the referees’ trading fees and mining rewards, while Connector NFT holders can mint a maximum of 100 Member NFTs and enjoy 10% of the total income generated by those minted NFTs.

EFC and the concept of referral mining demonstrate Equation’s pioneering approach to creating a community-driven ecosystem, empowering individuals to actively participate and share in the platform’s revenue.

EQU: A Revolutionary Fair Launch Token

EQU is the native token of Equation and aims to become one of the most powerful DeFi tokens in history. This vision is built upon its fair launch mechanism and profit-sharing capacity.

The maximum supply of EQU is 10 million, 100% of which is generated through liquidity mining and referral mining, rewarded to community users. The initial daily emission of EQU is 10,000.

Among which 16% of the EQU daily emissions will be allocated to (Pools) Liquidity Providers, 40% will be allocated to (RBF) Liquidity Providers, another 40% will be allocated to Member NFT holders and finally, 4% will be allocated to Connector NFT holders.

For more information about the Tokenomics, please refer to https://medium.com/@EquationDAO/b26a86495939

About Equation

Equation is a decentralized perpetual contract built on Arbitrum. With its innovative BRMM model, Equation provides both traders and Liquidity Providers (LPs) with up to 200x leverage, enabling traders to establish larger and unrestricted positions while enhancing capital efficiency for LPs. As one of the DeFi protocols advocating for the resurgence of the ‘Fair Launch’, Equation stands as a testament to the power of community-driven innovation in shaping the future of decentralized finance. It prioritizes security and transparency, providing traders with a reliable and secure environment for perpetual trading participation.

Equation is actively recruiting ambassadors to join its growing family. Join today by applying here: https://forms.gle/6VtF41cegGYsCdCu5

Member NFT application is now open: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScM31nTKkfcNoDNSxfliy6NQUFyjZESPuXcohY4qBPv6uzUIg/viewform

Social Links

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EquationDAO

Medium: https://medium.com/@EquationDAO

Media Contact

Brand: EquationDAO

Contact: Equation Media Team

Website: https://www.equation.org/


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