CIPHER-CORE, Inc. President Addresses Company’s Business Direction

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CIPHER-CORE, Inc. President Addresses Company’s Business Direction

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2023 / CIPHER-CORE, Inc. (Pink sheets:CFCI) a provider of end-to-end protection technology for communication systems, a remote authentication technology for IoT system and crypto cash technology.

Mr. T. Nakamura CEO, President states he invented the last pieces of the FINTECH technological fields that will evolve the Internet. Also, being the first person in the world completing the Complete Cipher technology based on “Information-Theoretic Security” and putting it into practical use, which makes banknotes, coins, and even digital cash difficult to counterfeit and use fraudulently. These intellectual properties have been internationally patented.

It is CIPHER’s ultimate goal that the world shall realize “INTERNET 100” that will affect all industries beyond the current model.

CIPHER believes that it could happen only in CIPHER’S Technology, where the Internet will evolve from an information sharing network that deals only with information, to an information and value sharing network that deals with information, value and security. This also identifies and accurately transfers a variety of valuables beyond Digital Cash. This provides everyone to attest to their ownership of value at their own will. Only the parties involved share this information and are not monitored by others.

CIPHER-CORE, Inc. provides various software or a cloud system based on “Crypto Cash “technology solely and fully patented in the field of FINTECH. Financial institutions from various countries are working with CIPHER for commercialization of the technology’s which are:

  1. Information Security Diagnosis Software: Diagnosis for all businesses that handle confidential information. CIPHER provides guidance and support to install software.
  2. Cipher Tunnel Software: This software is fully equipped with complete secret communication and remote authentication functions, to secure bank net and credit card- only networks.
  3. Compass Software (International Remittance Business): Software with secret communication and remote authentication functions to ensure safe international remittance. CIPHER will also conduct the international remittance business as a fund transfer agent.
  4. CIPHER-CORE Cash Platform Software: Software manages “Digital Cash” with secret storage, complete secret communication, and remote authentication functions. We will support the introduction and management of Central Bank Digital Currency.
  5. CIPHER-CORE Securities Platform Software: CIPHER-CORE Securities Platform software issues and manages “Digital Securities” providing complete security. The software provides settlement of “Digital Cash “and: Digital Securities” over the internet.

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