Redefining Pre- and Postpartum Fitness: A collaboration between Saint Bella and Renowned Fitness Influencer Pamela is revolutionizing the global pregnancy work out

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In celebration of Mother’s Day 2024, the luxury maternity and baby care brand SAINT BELLA has partnered with globally renowned fitness influencer Pamela Reif to launch the “Pamela’s Pregnancy Workout” campaign. This initiative features a custom-designed, scientifically based “8-Minute Pregnancy Workout,” aimed at providing pregnant women with professional, safe, and efficient exercise guidance, setting a new trend in prenatal health.

Additionally, SAINT BELLA has collaborated with Ma Liangkun, Chief Obstetrician and Gynecologist at a top-tier hospital in Beijing, and Dr. Liu Meifang, a PhD in Maternal and Childcare, to co-develop a tailored postpartum exercise regimen. They invite all expectant mothers to join in and experience the mysterious energy of “8-minute endorphins,” scientifically ushering in the golden period of postpartum recovery.

Pamela Reif, a fitness icon with over 70 million followers, graced the cover of Forbes magazine at age 23, is renowned for her efficient and inspiring workout style. In collaboration with Saint Bella, she has developed an 8-minute pregnancy workout that combines her signature fitness approach with the specific needs of pregnancy. This scientifically designed, safe, and enjoyable program aims to help expectant mothers strengthen muscles, maintain fitness, alleviate pregnancy discomfort, facilitate smooth delivery, and prepare for postpartum recovery. The “pregnancy workout” is becoming a modern trend in prenatal self-care.


SAINT BELLA Maternity and Baby Care Center, known as SAINT BELLA, is a luxury postpartum care brand established in 2017. Built on an experienced postpartum nursing team from Taiwan, SAINT BELLA specializes in the independent research and development of art therapy. Adhering to the philosophy of Attachment Parenting by Dr. Sears, the center offers 24/7 one-on-one nursing services.  SAINT BELLA is dedicated to providing postpartum women with luxurious LTV (long-term value) services, supporting them throughout their entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

The brand adopts a business mode of “all direct sales + partnerships with globally renowned luxury hotels”, with 23 stores directly operated in 7 first tier and new first-tier cities in China, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xiamen, and Chengdu.

Last October, SAINT BELLA expanded internationally with the BELLA VILLA series at a prestigious hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore. In May of this year, it further increased its global business presence by settling in the affluent neighborhood of Newport Beach. The new store in New York will also be launching this year. 

The collaboration with Pamela showcases SAINT BELLA’s innovative approach to prenatal health management, further expanding its service chain for full-cycle maternal and childcare. This Mother’s Day, the “Pamela’s Pregnancy Work out” initiative highlights the brand’s dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle for expectant mothers.


Spotlight on “Pamela’s 8-Minute Pregnancy Workout”: Key Benefits and Features

1/Scientifically Customized: Combining Pamela’s fitness theories with the scientific guidance of Chief Obstetrician Dr. Ma Liangkun and Dr. Liu Meifang, each exercise is meticulously designed to ensure safety and effectiveness. Suitable for various stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, the workouts are personally taught and demonstrated by Pamela.

2/Efficient: The gentle and easy-to-follow exercises take just 8 minutes to activate the body’s potential, release endorphins, alleviate pregnancy pain, reduce stress, and enhance the overall sense of well-being. They are also beginner friendly.

3/Enhancing Prenatal Well-being: The 8-minute work-out provides a good sweat but also endorphins, known as pleasure hormones, serving as a natural energy source for pregnancy. These Hormones help to improve sleep quality and alleviate stress as a new parent. In contrast to dopamine’s fleeting effects, endorphins induce sustained pleasure, inner tranquility, and profound serenity lasting up to 12 hours post-workout, necessitating a synergy of mental and physical efforts to ignite a deep connection between self and the world.

4/Allowing cloud participation: work-out videos available on Pamela and Saint Bella’s we-media platforms, accessible to expectant mothers anytime and anywhere, giving them globally synchronized and engaging fitness experience.

5/STB Postpartum Research Institute has introduced their first breathable “Maternity Workout Pants”: Addressing the unique concerns of active expectant mothers, who not only need support for their growing bellies but also comfort for their sweat-prone bodies. The expert team at Saint Bella has developed these high-end maternity workout pants using advanced high-elasticity fabric. These pants securely support the baby bump and are designed not only for exercise but also to accommodate the special physiological changes during pregnancy and postpartum.

Ma Liangkun, a health education expert from the National Health Commission and Chief Obstetrician and Gynecologist at a top-tier Beijing hospital, stated: “This eight-minute workout routine, specifically designed for pregnancy, aims to alleviate discomfort through safe, moderate-intensity, and scientifically effective exercises. Even mothers with no prior exercise experience can follow along safely. The movements are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and target core muscle groups that should be strengthened during this period. This can help prevent issues such as frequent urination, palpitations, and sleep disorders, as well as reduce the difficulty of childbirth and accelerate postpartum recovery.”


Global upgrade, 14-Day “Postpartum Work-out” by SAINT  BELLA

Addressing the unique needs of postpartum women, Pamela and Ma Liangkun have collaborated with Dr. Liu Meifang, an expert in maternal and infant care, to jointly develop the Saint Bella Custom Postpartum Exercise Routine. This scientifically designed 14-day program aligns with the stages of maternal recovery, enhancing the services and products available at Saint Bella’s global stores. This exclusive offering is available only to SAINT BELLA clients.



Scientific postpartum work-out can benefit women after birth in the following aspects:

1/ Facilitating elastic recovery of perineal, pelvic floor, and vaginal muscles to prevent vaginal loosening and uterine prolapse.

2/ Relieving pains in shoulder, neck, and back, to effectively prevent postpartum lower-limb edema and even venous thrombosis formation.

3/ Facilitating the tension recovery of abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles, to enhance bladder control and solve problems such as incontinence and urinary leakage.

4/ Increasing core strength, sculpting shape curves, and restoring pre-pregnancy figure.

5/ Easing the pressure from identity transition and parenting, reducing symptoms of postpartum depression.

Dr. Liu Meifang, National Nursing Director at SAINT BELLA, and an expert in maternal and infant care, stated: “This postpartum exercise routine combines traditional postpartum exercises with modern postnatal yoga and can generally be started three days after delivery. It addresses various body shape and physical issues caused by pregnancy and childbirth, helping new mothers improve their physique and physical condition. Regular practice can aid in quickly restoring their figure and bodily functions, as well as alleviating stress and emotional strain.” 

As an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, SAINT BELLA has been committed to offering full-cycle services and experience for the new generation of mothers. Its strong alliance with Pamela this time has sparked a global trend of “pregnancy work-out” by storm. In addition to reforming traditional postpartum concepts and actively exploring healthy pregnancy lifestyles, it further extends the brand’s full-cycle service chain.

It’s evident that for SAINT BELLA, introducing prenatal exercises early allows more users to experience their brand. By showcasing high-quality content that spans the entire pregnancy and childbirth journey, they not only expand their services but also educate more expectant mothers on adopting healthier lifestyles after becoming mothers.

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