798 Art District Welcomes Over 300,000 Visitors During May Day Holiday With Cultural Events

May 9, 2024 by No Comments

BEIJING, May 09, 2024 — During the May Day holiday, the term “meet-up” became very popular among many young people and families flocking to 798. This vibrant art district offered a diverse array of multicultural offerings, including the “Head to 798 Art District” event, an environmentally-focused flea market hosted by renowned actress Zhu Zhu, and nearly 70 art exhibitions, immersive theatrical productions, electrifying live performances and music salons. These attractions drew over 300,000 visitors, a staggering 40% increase from the same period last year. Visitors on 797 Road, 798 Art District, Beijing As 798 became a focal point for international attention—highlighted by visits from global figures like German Chancellor Olaf Scholz—the influx of foreign visitors, especially from Singapore and South Korea, surged. The diverse cultural offerings served as significant drawcards. Meandering through the walking area of the 798 Art District, visitors will encounter ingeniously titled “Meet-up Places” for art, photography, and coffee. These creative hubs were integral to the ‘Head to 798 Art District’ initiative, designed to reflect the dynamic lifestyles of contemporary youth and to deliver a tapestry of artistic surprises and a rich cultural banquet. Visitors taking photo in front of the great mural We Are All Unique, 798 Art District, Beijing Over the past two years, with a focus on art, 798 has diligently refined its business strategy, introduced new performance venues and pioneering novel consumer experiences. These upgrades have cemented its status as a global “Art+” destination, offering a seamless blend of visual art, music, film, drama, etc. 798 not only breathes new power into consumer engagement but also injects a fresh burst of creative vigor into Beijing’s cultural landscape. Contact Info: info@798-art.com.cn Photos accompanying this announcement are available at