798 Invites Global Artists to Jointly Develop an International Art Destination

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

BEIJING, April 12, 2024 — On April 3rd, the grand mural “The Tree of World Cultures” was unveiled at the 798 Art District, which is presented jointly by 798 and the international artist group “Toyism” from Netherland. Concurrently, 798 officially announced the “798 Global Art Site-Specific Partnership”, extending an invitation to artists worldwide for art co-creation in this global art destination, showcasing a diverse insight of global cultural and artistic expressions. Artists from the international artist group “Toyism” In the past two years, 798 Art District has undergone significant upgrades, supported by the government, enhancing its landscape, public spaces, and services. A strategic reconfiguration of its business model and spatial planning has led to an expanded pedestrian area of nearly 100,000 square meters and the addition of seven major public squares. This expansion enriches the venue’s capacity for cultural and artistic exhibitions. New projects benefit by upgrades including a collaboration with “Universal Everything”, refreshing the iconic Great Graffiti Wall with a new mural. Embracing the philosophy “Fulfill the space with art, give art the space,” 798 has attracted over 20 new art institutions, such as White Stone Gallery and Eslite Gallery, adding to its vibrant community. The Unveiling of “The Tree of World Cultures” Hosting over 400 exhibitions and 1,000 cultural events annually, the 798 Art District has become a hub for art lovers, drawing over 11 million visitors in 2023 and setting a new visitor record. It stands as a crucial international art destination in Beijing, showcasing Chinese culture and serving as a platform for global cultural exchange. With the upcoming “International Art Season,” 798 aims to foster international connections, encouraging interactive dialogues and collaborations among artists worldwide, thereby deepening the mutual understanding between China and the global community. Media Inquiry: Larry Zhang / Photos accompanying this announcement are available at