NEXEN Tire hosts hospitality program inviting global partners to ‘2024 Purple Summit Korea’

April 19, 2024 by No Comments

NEXEN Tire hosted the ‘2024 Purple Summit Korea’ hospitality program, which welcomed 60 global partners and executives from around the world to Korea for the first time from April 16 to 19. The event featured 60 global partners and executives from all over the world, as well as NEXEN Tire representatives. Since 2016, NEXEN Tire has hosted the Purple Summit, an integrated hospitality and marketing program aiming to foster and strengthen relationships while also increasing the company’s global market presence. Throughout the summit, attendees visited the company’s cutting-edge tire plant located in Changnyeong, as well as The NEXEN UniverCity, NEXEN Tire’s central R&D hub. Not only that, but the tire maker invited KLPGA players from the NEXEN-St. Nine Masters event to play golf with guests and tour Busan, Korea’s second largest city, and more. On the last day of the 2024 Purple Summit Korea, a gala dinner took place in the courtyard of The NEXEN UniverCity, where guests were able to learn more about the company‚Äôs visions as well as hear about its future business objectives. “We are thrilled that our partners took their time to visit and take part in the 2024 Purple Summit, which is being held for the first time in Korea,” said Travis Kang, Global CEO of NEXEN TIRE. “We plan to continue to grow our global partnerships with our partners and customers as well as offer support with better quality and service.”