RIB Software Announces ‘SpecLive Collaborate’ to Revolutionize Specification Management

May 23, 2024 by No Comments

Groundbreaking specification software for building product manufacturers guarantees accurate specifications, enhances stakeholder collaboration, and simplifies product selection for designers.

RIB, a leader in enabling engineering and construction companies to operate more efficiently and sustainably, unveiled a revolutionary specification management solution today. The launch of SpecLive Collaborate’s first major implementation for the world’s leading automation and energy management brand coincides with the official unveiling of the product.

Developing specifications is frequently a fragmented, manual process that relies on templated content from potentially antiquated office files where the most up-to-date or relevant information can sometimes be lost during version control. SpecLive Collaborate offers specifiers and engineers a straightforward, streamlined experience for evaluating a manufacturer’s solutions. This platform preserves crucial technical product data by providing real-time access to specification content hosted in the cloud, minimizing coordination gaps throughout the specification process. SpecLive Collaborate enables teams with a shared, cloud-based workspace to develop more specifications collaboratively and efficiently, improving upon static document-based processes.

SpecLive Collaborate is part of the broader SpecLive set of tools for manufacturers and specification owners, and draws upon the rich, industry-leading data of SpecLink. “SpecLive Collaborate introduces a pivotal shift in how building product manufacturers and designers will connect and engage,” said Daimon Bridge, Managing Director, RIB North America. “Our solution allows manufacturers to brand and host their own instance of the platform, the ability to collaborate and co-edit without the traditional friction, and it increases the reach of specs which ensures that businesses get specified more often.”

SpecLive Collaborate improves efficiencies and the reach of product specs in the following ways:

  • Improved efficiency in spec development. SpecLive Collaborate enables manufacturers to manage, edit, and collaborate on specifications with prospects, ensuring seamless coordination, visibility, and engagement across stakeholders.
  • Amplified product reach. Integrated with RIB SpecLink and available as a white-labeled instance for manufacturers’ websites, SpecLive Collaborate removes spec development and selection obstacles and gets products specified more often.
  • Monitoring of spec performance. SpecLive Collaborate measures the success of manufacturer specifications and provides insights on when and how products are being selected.

“At RIB, our goal is to make the engineering and construction industry more digital, efficient, and sustainable and we’re proud to have been able to partner with Schneider Electric, a future-looking leader in the industry, on this innovative technology,” said Bridge. “We are redefining collaboration by seamlessly embedding high-quality content directly into the workflow of design and engineering firms to ensure precision in every specification, empowering end users to effortlessly integrate trusted content, thereby expediting the creation of construction specs with unparalleled accuracy.”

SpecLive Collaborate is part of the SpecLive toolkit for manufacturers and specification owners. More information on the suite of tools is available .

To learn more about SpecLive Collaborate and other RIB manufacturer solutions, reach out to RIB at (888) 273-7638, or visit RIB .

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