Berlin Zoo’s Fatou is now the world’s oldest known gorilla

April 13, 2024 by No Comments

Fatou, Berlin’s zoo oldest resident, marks her 67th birthday. The zoo believes Fatou is the oldest gorilla in the world.Fatou was born in 1957 and came to the zoo in what was then in 1959. Ahead of her official birthday on Saturday, keepers on Friday served up a treat of fruit and vegetables.Vet Andre Schüle said there is no gorilla older than Fatou in any other zoo, “and we have to assume that there is no animal older than her ,” where animals do not live so long.Fatou lives in an enclosure of her own and prefers to keep her distance from the zoo’s other gorillas in her old age.Fatou became the zoo’s oldest resident only recently, following the death earlier this year of Ingo the flamingo. The bird was believed to be at least 75 and had lived at the zoo since 1955.