Kenya postpones school reopening by one week as floods continue and death toll nears 100

April 29, 2024 by No Comments

Kenya has postponed the reopening of its schools by one week due to ongoing flooding caused by heavy rains, as flood-related deaths since mid-March in the country neared 100. Some schools remained “adversely affected” by the flooding, the Education Ministry said Sunday night. Local media reported that over 100 schools were flooded, with some having collapsed walls and blown away roofs. All schools were set to reopen on Monday but will now open on May 6. Ninety-three people have died in Kenya and that number is expected to rise after a boat capsized in the northern Garissa county on Sunday night. The Kenyan Red Cross said it had rescued 23 people from the boat, but more than a dozen people were still missing. Heavy rains have been pounding the country since mid-March and the Meteorology Department has warned of more rainfall. The East African region is experiencing flooding due to the heavy rains, and 155 people have reportedly died in Tanzania while over 200,000 people are affected in neighboring Burundi. The highest number of deaths in Kenya have been reported in the capital, Nairobi, according to . Kenya’s main airport was flooded on Saturday, forcing some flights to be diverted, as videos of a flooded runway, terminals and cargo section were shared online. The airport’s manager, Henry Kegoye, said the flooding was from ongoing refurbishment work that was due to be completed in June. Heavy rains had overwhelmed a temporary drainage system set up by the contractor. Over 200,000 people across the country have been affected by the floods, with houses in flood-prone areas submerged and people seeking refuge in schools. President William Ruto had instructed the National Youth Service to provide land for use as a temporary camp for those affected.