London police capture two loose military horses in city streets, believe more are still at large

April 24, 2024 by No Comments

London police have secured two military horses that were seen running around without riders in the heart of the city on Wednesday morning. Several other horses are still believed to be loose. Details are still unclear about what happened but British media is reporting that seven military horses initially got loose, with police working with army personnel to recapture them. Reports have emerged that a taxi driver waiting near Buckingham Palace had his car window smashed by a startled horse, while a parked double-decker tour bus had its windscreen damaged. City of London police said two of the horses had been secured and that officers were waiting for a horse box from the army to collect the animals and take them to a veterinarian. Images of the two horses, one of which is black and the other white, wearing saddles and bridles, were circulating across social media. The front of the white horse was covered in red. They were seen running on the road near Aldwych, which is in between London’s historic financial center and the West End, the hub of the capital’s entertainment industry. Police contained the horses about 4 miles east of central London, near Limehouse.